Saturday, 31 December 2011

done with tesl method but need to proceed with revision.

no progress for testing & eva (due to some reasons).

to get done today (testing eva):
2 parts for final project
4 pages for article critique

should i have extra time before bed, i'll find articles for statistic.

insya Allah.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

a helpful one

thanks so much lyn!! lyn is one of my friend i knew since secondary school. now a mummy to a cutie adorable little boy named Qalif ( hope i spell it right) and a student of university college london as well, currently doing her phd. she was one of friends whom i asked for opinion and advice when i was about to further my master degree. and until today, she is still willing to share all her tips that make her the person she is today :)

i wish i could share the link of what she is currently doing here but ya, that is hers and i can't simply treat her work as mine la kan ;)

so here is my list:

final exam:
tesl method on 4 jan 2012 -done
statistics on 5 jan 2012 -done
linguistics app in tesl on 9 jan 2012

statistics: data analysis (5 jan) -done
linguistics app: write up (9 jan) -done
testing & eva in tesl: 1) final project -done , 2) article critique -done. (6 jan)

for tonight i am going to work on:
tesl method notes
testing & eva surfing - at least i need to find one reading material

*perhaps i need to revise on my proper schedule to get all those things done on time. insya Allah.

i will update later ok.

*ops blom reply msg lyn on fb. ok one more to be added in the above list ;)

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

satu semangat

Alhamdulillah malam ni dapat markah assignment 1 and i am so happy. lagi2 subjek ni subjek yg plg menggerunkan i utk semester ni. harus lah ditulis di sini sebagai kenangan hehe,

dan paling penting, satu semangat. plss pray for me ya ;)

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Ombak Rindu

watched ombak rindu last night with my cousin. hehehe. awal2 citer tu mcm stressful jgk la since i tak berapa berkenan ngn scene2 ala masalah sosial yg kian meningkat dewasa kini. tapi lama-kelamaan ok. the point is izzah mengambil langkah merayu nk berkahwin dgn hariz and the rest, yg betul tentu akan dibalas baik.

sweet la hariz ngn izzah dlm ombak rindu ni. terus terigt suami sendiri hehe (not saying that we both are sweet but i miss every moment having the loved one by my side gitu). haha aaron aziz banyak nangis dlm citer ni. maya karin plak so very ayu dgn watak gadis kampung. pakai tudung senget2 pun still nmpk cantik. and lisa surihani, rasanya sedikit terlebih dlm melakonkan watak bengis mila, tapi not so bad.

hey go watch, tpi nk tggu astro first pun ok. hikhikhik ;) oh yaaa. OST sgt best juga. kena dgn cerita ni and boleh membawa perasaan penonton sekali ke dlm cerita ni. in my opinion, cerita ni macam lagenda budak setan la. sangat2 disokong oleh OST yg meruntun hati, di samping jln cerita yg penuh emosi. again, it is a love story.

pd yg belum, selamat menonton ok ;)

anyway dh lama betul x masuk dapur masak. 2 weeks sudah kot hehe.

so this is my homemade breakfast after 2 weeks this morning. goreng telur je pun hehe kasi dapur berasap sikit. kira warm up la sebelum darling husband balik tak lama lagi.

yeayyyyyyyy. can't wait ;)

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

pejam celik yg lama

dah 2 minggu. ah tak sabarnya menanti kepulangan si dia.

bila difikirkan kembali, saat berjauhan ada juga indahnya walaupun kadang kala rindu itu menyakitkan dan mampu mengundang air mata.

berjauhan seolah-olah lebih mengeratkan. mana taknya, tiap saat hanya terbayang wajah dia. paling menarik, inilah perasaan ketika sebelum kawin dulu. kami sentiasa berjauhan dulu. lepas kawin juga terpaksa berjauhan atas tuntutan kerja. jadi, berjauhan seketika kini seakan mengimbau perasaan cinta jarak jauh dulu. syukur perasaannya masih sama malah bertambah indah - merindui seorang suami.

ku bersyukur atas nikmat ini ya Allah. semoga org2 disekeliling ku juga mengecapi kebahagiaan yg Engkau kurniakan. cukup utk bekalan meneruskan hidup. insya Allah.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday Night

i miss spending tuesday night with my loved one.
just by watching cinta elysa & edisi khas.

i am being specific tonight.
truth is i miss him always.

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Friday, 25 November 2011


rajin plak i update blog ni..hehehe..thanks blogpress :) Alhamdulillah mlm ni seakan2 mendapat satu semangat baru..semangat utk menjalani hidup seharian dan pembelajaran seperti biasa..rindu tetap rindu..hehe :)

i hope it is not wrong, but oh thanks alot inspiration. i'll not give up. 5 weeks to go insya Allah :)

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Thursday, 24 November 2011


seperti xpercaya saya menulis bait2 di bawah utk previous post mlm tadi. hehe semuanya secara spontan bila saya terlalu rindukan dia.

rindu saya terlalu banyak, tapi hidup juga mesti diteruskan.

senyum dan sabar lah.

apa kata mulakan dengan menyemak kembali to-do list?


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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


betapa ku rindu
terlalu merindu
hingga tiap detik
hanya terbayang wajahmu

kucoretkan kata ini
meredakan resah di hati
ku tunggu kepulanganmu
wahai sayangku

tenanglah tabahlah dikau
semoga sentiasa
dalam lindungan Ilahi

ku kan terus merindu

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hi there :)

how are you feeling today? i pray that everyone will have a beautiful day with your loved ones around, family and friends.

it is my brother-in-law's birthday today. the one who is married to my third sister, kak yah. happy birthday to him! deep inside my heart, i would be the happiest person to have him in our family as my sister's husband. i know that he has brought many happiness to my sister, be the best one he could ever be for my sister, and i just love to see them both together. he has been a good son to my mom as well, a good brother for us siblings and cousins, and he takes and does his responsibility to take care of the family.

the whole world should know how much i love kak yah. and i am so very thankful knowing the fact that there is someone who would love her more than i can do. i am just thankful.

her happiness means the whole world to me.

i read a quote from Best Quotes on FB;

"dear boys, be the type of man you would want your daughter/sister to be with.."

and it is true indeed.

i pray that both kak yah and abe le will always be blessed with all the happiness in the world, together with little ajmal, and more babies to come, insya Allah.


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Sunday, 13 November 2011


apple is awesome.
kan best kalau ipad pun bleh jailbreak.

*thanks alot abg. muah!

Aman & Ani

Testing apple 1 2 3

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

lovely rainy day!

we both are now at tmn tasik.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A simple meaningful one

A cake - in my case hubby came home from work to surprise me with a box of cake. it was still early at 7 pm when he reached home so he kept telling me not to open the box until 12. haha funny that he even wanted to take the cake to shower afraid that i might open and look. both of us were just kidding, well yeah i wanted to wait for the right time too.

A movie (optional) - while waiting for the exact time, you may watch any favorite movie at home with your loved one. it is not to kill the time, it is to enjoy each and every moment. in my case, we watched captain america! haha we are currently in love with action movie :) and yeah you can spend your lovely quality time any way you like with your loved one should you have extra more minutes/hours- it is a meaningful wait indeed.

A dress - oh celebrating at home will give you another advantage when you have to put no effort to dress up. at home at night, your sleep dress would be the best option. don't you think? :) ya, it is only you and your loved one!

A card - a birthday card is compulsory. write the sweetest words from your heart and it will be much appreciated. i smiled all my heart reading mine.

A gift - traditionally, we go survey and buy the present on our own, wrap it well and hope that he/she will like it. well, a hint can be a surprise too. make sudden conversation about it 2 or 3 days before the birthday and you can just simply say what you want to have for him/her, and later you can see the excitement on the face as well. i loved this kind of excitement!

And, when the clock shows 12am, celebrate it the most meaningful way your heart can do. it is just you and your loved one in your own world. no one else. a birthday song, hugs and kisses would make you feel just complete that you are the happiest person on your day.

the moment you always want to remember, it will be.

i'm in love with this one!

looking back, nothing much that i did for my husband's last birthday. yela, i kan tak keje konon2 hehehe ;) there was a card for sure, but i could not remember if there was a cake or present! oh apa lah saya ni. all i remember, he took us to dinner and movie on his birthday telling me the best gift and celebration is to be able to spend the whole day with me. oh that was much much simpler and more meaningful, kan?

happy wednesday

"i have you in my present and my future,
together forever."

thank you sweetheart.

may this love grows stronger each day,
insya Allah.

Monday, 31 October 2011

farewell october ;)

  1. i am back from jusco wangsa maju. and guess what? i bumped into Ustaz Azhar Idrus and his family! well no further action taken. segan lah sikit kan ;) oh and today is 31 oct 2011 :)
  2. today's class (31 oct 2011) has been canceled. dear lecturer is not feeling well but we need to work on an assignment given online and the question is oh so quite tough. i need explanation perhaps!
  3. it is 31 oct 2011 today and that means i only have 2 months left for this semester. piles of works are still pending and i need to reschedule and reorganize everything. well i don't hope much this time, it is good enough if can get this semester done the best i can. i leave the rest to the Almighty.

*winkwink ;)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

hehe, nope lah. Insya Allah :)

anyway it is my mid-sem break now. 24.10.11 - 30.10.11.

& i keep reminding myself that i do have many pending tasks.

but yeah, it's a break. so work little!
-mm, nope lah. i am kidding :)
you all be rajin2 ok :)

image googled

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


dulu semester lepas..saya bgtau husband nk ponteng kelas..trus kena marah hehehe..ok2 saya main2 je masa tu..hehe so xjadi la ponteng walopun ade sedikit malas..

this time this semester sekali lagi saya bgtau nk ponteng..kali ni bersebab punya..sbb we both nak amik bas jumaat mlm balik kg..bas at 9.30 mlm and my class on friday night ends at 9 mlm..memandangkan a week before lecturer dah bagi kuiz and we understood that no assessment will be carried out for the following week..saya dgn konfidennya dan sedikit manjanya told my husband xnk attend kelas takut xsmpat kejar bas and he said OK..hehehee..yippieee..yippiee? no no no hehe..

masa tgh tggu bas tetiba dpt info dari my classmate telling that lecturer bagi take home test on lesson yg diajar mlm tu..ohhoooyyyy..menyesal den tak datang kelas..tobat xnak ponteng dh pasni hehehe..

have you read this post anyway? yup Alhamdulillah i have many supportive friends and one of them is Farrah. she sent me all the notes, put an effort to scan and send the questions and stayed online with me should i have any problem to understand the notes and questions. Alhamdulillah i managed to get it done..with her help..legaaaa..

huhu lepas ni xleh xattend kelas semudah itu..bahaya kan..gelabah i..tapi the good side is..saya rush giler catch up balik lecture hari tu..kalu xde assignment camtu agaknye bertangguh jgk nk study balik sbb assignment lain pun berlambak lagi..ok Alhamdulillah..

ok ujan dh benti now..n i want to stop writing too..tata :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

a little prayer to keep going

"your schooling may be over,
but remember that your education will continue."

it is true indeed. but seeing happy people on their convocation day is like having a good supplement for myself. i want to be one! i pray that Allah gives me all strength throughout this long journey until the completion.

Amin ya Allah.

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

FB-ing tip

(for me especially)

The only reason that we keep logging on to FB is the nice and lovely friends that we have there, kan? Yup there are friends.

I remember spending my long long sem break at home alone while husband is out for work. Who else do i have? My online friends!

I sometimes got myself carried away with that best time killer but still, i have no regret. I got my house chores done and i still have like 25 hours to go until my husband is home? Oh hey, it's my friend there! Wee, FB could be my great company. Thank you lappy & 24hrs connection! I watch tv, and later i get back to FB. I read some materials, and later i get back to FB. I go out and later i get back to FB. The list goes on.

But not now anymore. I have started my new semester. So there should be some changes to my routine. As for now, i am going to remind myself of the top FB-ing tip:

  1. Do not start your day with FB-ing.

And that's it. Simple enough so do fight hard to let go, ya?

FB is not a problem. In fact we meet and catch up with a lot of friends there. It is actually about user attitude towards FB, especially for a STUDENT like me!!!!

Ahhh tak sabar nak habis belajar haha :))

Thursday, 29 September 2011


that the happy heart is here with me now

Monday, 26 September 2011


yup that title should not be an opening i know but yup i am sigh-ing now.


and again. i do have a list of task to do today before i leave for my evening class but the once-in-a-while gloomy heart of mine stops me to do those. until now that it's nearly 11.

i am unhappy now.
it is so dull in and out.

how i wish that i could turn back to Saturday, or Sunday,
to the moment that i met lovely people who only made me laugh and forget about being gloomy.

dear heart,
please be nice. you have always learned to accept things, to be rational, to be self-motivated, to cheer up. so why do this feeling keeps bothering? please. i may understand that you still have to adapt but please, do not take long ya? please sweetie sweetie heart of mine :))
now we get back to the list and we'll have our favorite mcFlurry later ya?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

merenung sejenak

dalam segala resah gelisah dan kurang keyakinan yg sekali sekala menerjah, saya terlepas pandang sesuatu yg positif utk saya coretkan di sini. benar, terlalu melihat yg hitam menyebabkan kita terlupa memandang yg putih.

'are..that was tau..are mesti suke..'

salah satu galakan positif dari seorng rakan seperjuangan yg sama2 mengharung suka duka bergelar pelajar. dia yg selalu memberi respon positif sejak minggu lepas, iaitu minggu pertama semester baru ini. terima kasih kak :)

ya, dalam rasa gentar menyahut cabaran diri, saya sebenarnya tidak keseorangan. syukur kawan2 sekelas di UPM yg lain sentiasa memberi kata2 positif, dan mengalu2kan saya. mereka tahu latar belakang saya sebelum ini bukan dlm bidang TESL tapi mereka tidak membiarkan saya rasa ketinggalan/keseorangan.

terima kasih kawan. terima kasih.

'friends are like the flowers in the garden of life.'

kata salah seorang pensyarah saya,
'it is your choice to be here, right? so why complaining?'

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


supaya mouse itu bergerak selesa, saya belikan sesuatu yg sedikit comel utknya. yeay dan saya juga selesa. semoga menyumbang keceriaan di sudut itu :)

dah bermula semester baru saya. cabaran semakin dirasa. namun saya perlu kuat dan saya doakan saya mampu. berbekalkan dorongan org2 tersayang, saya akan terus mencuba.

seseorg pernah berkata, 'you have to work double harder!'.
insya Allah.


Monday, 22 August 2011

being simple

just collected my baju kurung from the tailor. i actually sent two turquoise but she only managed to finish one for me. that one.

sederhana & syukur.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

there's no turning back

life has been so beautiful ever since the childhood until now. i am thankful for that. but once in a while, deep inside me, there is one thing that i always regret about. only one thing, that i did not get myself exposed to the real interest that i wanted to do/learn at my early age. no i don't want to blame others. i should not even say it is unfortunate. well sometimes i wish i could turn back time but the path i have taken also brought a meaningful and priceless experience to me, taught me many precious things, offered me precious feelings that finally led me to what i am doing now. i still have to be thankful there.

however, knowing that i actually started zero in this field of learning now, i so wish that i had the opportunity to be in this field of study before, during my first degree. and i regret i feel that. i regret i lost the chance once.

it is now too late. i just have to move on and work hard. just because there is no way turning back. i just have to move on. fight the nervousness like i used to and give myself the best try. because i know, this is what my precious life experience wants me to learn. so i will learn.

all the best to me!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

si manis karamel cubaan kedua sy buat kek karamel. not that good but this one was much better than cubaan pertama thn lepas yg terus je masuk ah tong sampah hehe. at least yg ni bleh masuk mulut hehe. ni kek karamel. sblm cuba buat, dulu penah makan kek karamel yg ditempah and memang sedap. then ada plak resepi and step nk buat kek ni kat facebook n blog, so i tried :)

cuma this time gula hangus tu agak gelap. adalah lebih cantik kalau kalernya lembut2 softlan saja. masalah masa wat gula hangus ni ialah api xsekata. so bhgn tgh cpt hangus dulu. a friend advised to goyang2kan loyang masa atas api so that gula hangus tu merebak sekata ke dasar loyang. guna api kecil ok n kena jaga :)

anyway hari ni sy buka puasa rumah my auntie moksu. so hari ni sy siapkan puding gula hangus saja. sebelum buat tu sy cuba usha if ada cara lain nk wat gula hangus utk dptkan hasil yg baik. lastly belek buku resepi hadiah dr ENGLIANS (hehe thanks alot guys!!) and dptla satu kaedah ni.

kaedahnya, panaskan/cairkan dulu gula dlm kuali-tidak-lekat. bila gula dh bertukar jd pekat, baru tuang dlm loyang. kemudian, goyang2kan loyang atas api supaya gula hangus tdi merebak sekata ke seluruh dasar loyang (ni i cuba sendiri sbb gula hangus tu kan leh beku kalu x panas, so susah nnti ).

anyway ni sukatan puding gula hangus sy tdi:

3 sudu besar gula (kalu nk lbh bleh tmbh)
3 sudu besar air (supaya ada air la hehe, stgh org xletak pun)

6 biji telur
3 sudu besar gula
1 tin susu cair
1 sudu kecik esen vanila (supaya xbau hanyir telur)
1 sudu kecik tepung jagung dibancuh dulu ngn air


itu saja. makan sejuk2 best kan. hehe.
lepas ni nk cuba apam dot-dot. wish me luck :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

fresh one!

percubaan kedua my bread butter pudding :) this time guna roti gardenia je sbb nk abiskan stok. before this guna croissant.

so this is our dinner haha smbil layan malaysia-singapore.

i'm so in the baking mood now. perhaps this is a great boost for me to attend informal baking class tomorrow with my dear friend. can't wait! ;)

next time i write the how ok :)

Thursday, 30 June 2011


hi asna,

first of all congrates!! u r now a mummy. selamat berpantang keh. masak2 kemudian ;)

nway lambat pulak are update pasal cili tumis life tu hehe. so far are cuba utk goreng bihun and masak sambal telur/bilis. personally utk bihun goreng ok kot sbb kite just letak sket utk tumis je kan. tapi kalu utk masak sambal, macam kureng sket la are rasa. bukan are pandai sgt hehe tapi sbb xdapat rasa yg kita nak/sepatutnya. kalu pandai adjust ok kot.

tapi kesimpulannya next time are xkan beli lagi kot. maybe next time just blend siap2 seniri bawang cili sume utk kegunaan masak.

oklah take care ok :)

yrs truly,

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


i thought that i have made myself clear not to think much about having that forever-admired lovely handbag, and in fact, i did muhasabah diri and kawal keinginan. but oh deep inside i can still hear that little voices screaming out eagerly to have one. huh sabar ok!! not for now. i have just grabbed another red one past few days which is none of the lovely kind i have wanted and to voice out about wanting to have other one a week later would only make my hubby pening2. too much kan? sabar ok sabar!!

sila simpan duit utk kegunaan masa depan yg masih terlalu banyak kepentingan lainnya. ok!!

ahh. it is just a handbag. sume pun samenyer punnn haduih!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Life simplifies

mom in law used to buy homemade cili tumis segera from terengganu for me. I admit that it helped me alot in the kitchen especially when i need to prepare for meal quick. It tastes good too. That was last year when i was still quite new to cooking as a routine that i need to cook often to brush up my skill.

And like i learn nothing, my cooking skill is still at average level and i am so in need of a booster to help me in the kitchen especially during rush hour in the morning. As i browsed through the shelf at Jusco, i found this 'Cili Tumis' a product of Life, that works the same as the previous mak bought me. Well i hope it tastes good too. Have you ever tried this?

I am planning to prepare mihun goreng for our breakfast tomorrow and will try this cili tumis. No 'kupas bawang' tomorrow yeah ;) Erm, i would always love to add 'daun sup' in my mihun goreng to give it a nice aroma and taste too.

Ok gtg now. Take care :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

saturday started well.
we went to tasik titiwangsa.
headed back home.
simple facial treatment for husband.
he fell asleep.
and now i'm done cooking!

i'm thinking of creating a cooking blog.
no im not that expert.
just to blog down my learning journey.
or perhaps to give me a good boost?

well ya, why not?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


lovely little nephew

Monday, 30 May 2011

lovely sunday

while waiting for the car serviced

suria park KLCC

yummy caramel almond at auntie anne

his new interest

searching and searching
the main reason why we were at KLCC

and i just love kinokuniya

Thursday, 26 May 2011

kuantan may 2011 part 2 :)

muhammad hassan mustaqim @ baby aqim

her mom is my best buddy who took the first step together with me back at IKM. fiza, are and mas shared all happy and sad, good and bad, kept knowing each other, and we even planned our wedding at almost the same time. we were housemates :)

until 2010 and everyone walked into the new phase of life and we lived on our own, but the friendship is always there never change. so i was among the earliest to know the good news that fiza was going to have a little one soon after she got married.

and end 0f 2010, i made a move to KL and we just communicate online since then. thankful that we have mms and those network so i can always receive this photo of baby aqim. and i prayed that one day i will be able to meet him and hold him :)

as the family planned to celebrate kakak's convocation in kuantan, the next first thing came to my mind is to meet my good friends and the little ones of course. Alhamdulillah everything went well and we finally met at a restaurant in kuantan. the above photo was sent by mas approximately 30minutes before we met :)

and finally he was there in my arm. sad that baby mayra could not make it this time.

maybe next time ok mayra, muahh ;)

this was my best surprise of the day. to be able to meet those faces who had once cheered my life up, shared my ups and downs at work, friends whom i can always call the best colleagues in the world. see the kids in the photo? oh rasa mcm family day ok :) sangat happy!! :)

thank you thank you thank you.

thank you hubby for this lovely chance. love you mmuch :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

kuantan may 2011 part 1 :)

mak & ayah

went to kuantan on 23rd may 2011 to celebrate kakak's (sis in law) convocation on 24 May 2011. Alhamdulillah she finally made it. the ceremony took place at Dewan Jubli Perak Teluk Chempedak.

isn't she lovely? yes she is. such a sweet pretty lady.

congratulation on your achievement my dear. never stop and keep going. insya Allah dipermudahkan segala urusan dan perjalanan hidup. we will always pray for you :)

the siblings; with myself as the spouse, while waiting for the ceremony to end :) another two were not in the photo as they were struggling for their exam in hometown. they know they are always in our heart.

no matter what we achieve, the most important is we know who we have to share the happiness.

Friday, 20 May 2011

hey take a look!

image googled

what does the picture tell you?
me? i can interpret it as flying colours ;)


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

lepas 16 mei ;)

17 may already and it's husband's birthday!

happy birthday abg :)

i looked for a special birthday card for him.
a card that specifically for a husband,
the word 'husband' on the card is necessary hehe ;)

i browsed and found a white beautiful lovely card
that i wanted to consider.
the words inside sound quite romantic
and written in a wonderful way.
it looked so perfect.
it won my attention at first.

so i walked to the counter to pay for the card.

but spontaneously i turned back and went to the shelf again.
i browsed again and found another card.
i took a look and i myself finally smiled, like smiled happily.
it won my heart.
and i decided to have that :)

and we both laughed out once he opened :)

well, i did write a beautiful line for him as well.
one that i wrote from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, 9 May 2011

cepatlah 16 mei!

selesai packing dan makan..pkul 6.45 ptg smalam..kami siap2 nk ke stesen lrt..

me: mane wallet abg?
hubby: sinih (smbil ltk tgn pada poket)
me: handphone abg?
hubby: sinih (sambil ltk tgn pada poket lagi satu)
me: by? (myself)
hubby: sinih (sambil letak tgn ke dadanya)

aahh i started to cry again at that moment and we immeadiately hug each other.

you will always stay in my heart too my dear.

it will be a long weekdays for me this week. luckily it is just one week this time and he will be back next monday.

camane la sblom ni saya bleh survive kat pekan jumpe husband hujung minggu je. seolah2 saya dh lupa semua tu dan bersedih bila husband nk ke lautan smalam. come on kena biasakan diri, ok. sgt solute pd isteri2 yg husband kena pergi rig/outstation lebih lama dari tu.

apepun, kita doakan saja kan semoga semuanya selamat di sana. selamat pergi, selamat melakukan tugas dgn baik, dan selamat pulang, insya Allah.

abg, by tggu abg balik.

Friday, 6 May 2011


6 mei kertas terakhir semester ni :)

apapun tetap berdebar selagi keputusan belum keluar.
mari doakan.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

hi there,

i so miss this blog
so this is just a 'drop by'
for a little while
to tell the whole world
the battle is now towards its the end
and i'll keep on counting
counting counting hard
in the middle of fight

Thursday, 21 April 2011

sweet reminder

for me! :)

oh i'm still struggling to finish all my task to be submitted end of this semester. reading articles is such a sweet pressure now since i need to add extra capacity in so limited time. oh this reading and writing should be enjoyable and meaningful as i manage to acquire more knowledge but not in this hurry.

i so can't wait to end this. not that i want to ignore those books and articles but at least i give a chance for myself to breathe right and fresh. in fact, i already have a few books and articles in my list to be read during my semester break. well, it will be a four-month semester break. yeah big smile :)

so, this is my sweet reminder. keep going keep going keep going and there will be an end. i am going to spend my day properly that time, treat myself good, have all the books/novels with me and enjoy my every reading.

so go go keep going!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

dan tawakal

berdoa dan bertawakal.

one thing i could never experience when i was at pekan is to smile and wave goodbye to my husband before he leaves for work, what more a hug and kiss!

but i have got the chance now, and always. it is such a meaningful moment to always spend our little quality time together in the morning and walk him to the door and pray for his best out there.

i wrote in my previous post how important it is to say a little prayer for husband's safety and happiness and success and good things to be with him.

and yup, when the loved one is off to somewhere and is out of our sight, all we can do is to pray to Allah and leave everything to Him for He knows best. insya Allah.

us both, on ramu's wedding

Monday, 11 April 2011

bunuh diri

mintak dijauhkan.

itu tajuk dalam salah satu slot MHI at TV3 pagi ni. kes bunuh diri yang makin menjadi2 and yg plg ramai terlibat adalah remaja yg putus cinta.

it is always easier said than done kan. memberi nasihat sgt mudah tapi berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul. syukurlah kita xpernah diuji dengan perkara2 sebegini tapi bagi mereka yg melalui, hanya merekalah yg tahu perasaannya.

apapun, kita manusia dijadikan Allah saling memerlukan. apa kes sekali pun, bila kita berada dalam pertimbangan yg baik, sangat patut kita sentiasa berada di sisi insan yg memerlukan sekurang-kurangnya utk mendengar. bukan utk melabelkan diri kita sebagai yg terbaik dan tak pernah hadapi masalah, tapi hanya kerana kita berada dalam pertimbangan yg baik waktu itu. siapa tahu, mungkin di lain hari bila kita murung dan sedih, kurang pertimbangan, kita pulak yg perlukan teman dan bimbingan waktu tu kan?

being a teacher myself this sometimes happens to me in my real life. sgt menyedihkan tgk student sendiri bagai hilang nyawa bila putus cinta. nauzubillah.

dalam slot tadi, ada bingkisan temuramah terhadap remaja yg pernah cuba bunuh diri. let me share with you here.

sebenarnya apa yg diharapkan oleh kita semua adalah perhatian dan komunikasi. according to this chinese girl, the moment she opened her eyes at the hospital, she could only see her father crying. then she read a letter written by her father.

"everyone lives this life for reasons. if you are tired, you may just get rest. don't do something harmful to yourself".
dari kacamata non-muslim

and that words from her father has changed her perception about family and life. sebelum tu this chinese girl suka berkurung dlm bilik, bergaduh ngan parents especially mak kerana mak dirasakan tak memahami perasaan anak. asyik marah dan berleter. yelah, macamana mak nk faham kalau anak tak pernah cerita dan anak xkan cerita kalau mak tak beri peluang bercerita. kan? antara sesiapa sekali pun.

so lepas peristiwa tu, this chinese girl xbersendirian lagi. yang penting balik dari mana2, this girl akan kongsi/cerita apa yg berlaku pada dia hari tu pada family dan paling penting perasaan dia hari tu, sedih atau happy. and now she's doing fine with her life because she knows somebody cares for her. not one but more!

sgt xboleh ambil mudah kan. mendengar cerita2 yg mungkin kita anggap biasa bukanlah perkara kecil. kesannya besar apatah lg pada org yg kita sayang. so, dengarlah. tanyalah. enjoylah. cerita biasa ke tak biasa ke. communicate lah. jgn ambil mudah ok? peringatan utk saya dan kita semua. that is one way for a relationship to grow stronger kan :)

pernah saya post di status facebook;

"bila sesuatu yg kita ambil mudah adalah sangat bermakna bagi orang lain.."

cinta dan kasih sayang itu indah. cinta tak pernah buta. yg buta adalah mata hati yg menilai, bila cinta pada Allah dan rasul entah ke mana.

sebelum stop ni nk membebel sket. apa yg sesetengah org cari bila bercinta sebenarnya ek? fun? or to share happiness? hinggakan ada hati yg terluka sbb cinta nih.

nk cari yg cantik/handsome, mmg xkan habis. hari ni jumpe yg handsome, esok lusa ada lagi yg lebih handsome. so basically, what do these people seek for and why they do fall in love?

ya Allah, tetapkanlah dalam hati kami bahawa kebahagiaan itu adalah hanya dari-Mu. Engkaulah yg Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang.

ku bersyukur atas nikmat kasih sayang hari ni. sangat syukur.

Friday, 8 April 2011

take a break

dulu2 zaman utm kalu terbeban ngn assignment, kopi o ais adalah kelegaan. now up skit; 3 layer tea or oreo McFlurry adalah kelegaan. seronok sungguh sekali sekala balik kelas then drive thru beli McFlurry satu then balik makan kat umah. selalu share ngan my husband tapi malam ni beliau ada lepaking session plak. so keseoranganlah saya menikmati McFlurry atas sofa empuk sambil meriba lappy juga mengadap tv.

lega. tadi presentation terakhir untuk semester ni. tinggal lagi 2 assignment nk kena struggle. final exam plak is just 2 weeks away. apepun, mlm ni nk rest minda dulu hehe menikmati kelegaan at least for now. lgpun mlm smlm my husband dh teman stay up so for tonight i promised him to go to bed early. mm, sepanjang study ni saya jarang sgt2 stay up tau. saya lebih prefer bgn pagi. rasa xbest je xmasuk tido ngn suami hahaha. rugi rasanya. saya sgt appreciate our time to bed. tapi kalu terpaksa sangat i'll inform my husband earlier and if he could, he would keep me accompanied. apa lagi, saya ngadap laptop, beliau ngadap ps3. tu yg rajin nk meneman tuh. hehe. tapi kalu my husband ngantuk tak larat, i relakan je beliau tido dulu ;)

oklah, done. see you next time keh. tata.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

dinamakan perjalanan

masihku igt perasaan itu, menyarungkan jubah, mortar-board, gementar dan gembira, satu perasaan yg sukar dimengertikan walaupun pd awalnya saya hanya suam2 kuku untuk menghadiri majlis itu. tapi mujurlah saya menghadirinya sbb kenangan dan perasaan itu tak akan diperoleh di mana2 dgn mudah.

masihkah kau ingat? ;)

to be frank, ni jelah gamba konvo yg saya ada. yang lain semua hilang entah ke mana, termasuk gambar kat atas stage bersama sultanah. tapi saya xdela kesal sangat. pelik.

sekarang sekali lagi saya berjuang. moga saya mampu mengulangi semula perasaan itu tapi dengan sedikit suasana yg berbeza. ya Allah, kuatkanlah hati hamba-Mu ini untuk meneruskan perjuangan ini sampai habis. Ku mohon semangat, kekuatan dan ketabahan dari-Mu ya Allah.

Berkatilah, rahmatilah.

Monday, 4 April 2011

doa isteri buat suami

April 2011 genap 5 tahun my husband berjuang di medan pekerjaan, Alhamdulillah. Kira ulangtahun masuk kerja lani..dan masih di tempat yang sama.

Semoga abg akan sentiasa kuat dalam menempuhi apa saja cabaran, semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan, dikelilingi sahabat yang baik dan membina ke arah kebaikan, dan berada dalam rahmat dan lindungan Allah selalu. i know you can always do your best like you always did since school ;)

Igt pesan haji, 'bekerja mencari redha Allah..'. memang sangat ada benarnya kan. and pesan bos baru abg, 'work first..' igt masa kat office je tau ;) I think the first pesanan baik Haji is so much better. Insya Allah. Chaiyuk abg. Kerja rajin2 okeh :) utk kita jgk, hikhik ;)

Doa isteri buat suami adalah sangat penting kan. Doakan suami setiap hari untuk kejayaan suami. Insya Allah semoga suami tersayang sentiasa berada dalam redha dan lindungan Allah. Ingin saya kongsikan sedikit di sini, apa yg saya dah baca :)

HR Tirmidzi : “Tiada satupun yang lebih mulia bagi Allah melainkan do'a”.

Do’a adalah senjata, do’a adalah bukti begitu kecilnya kita sebagai hamba.
Tidak pantas kita menyombongkan diri karena hanya kepada Allah sajalah
kita memohon pertolongan dan perlindungan.
Apalagi do’a seorang istri kepada suami, seperti kisah Nabi Ayub as.
Ia diuji dengan bencana yang menimpa fisiknya.
Tubuhnya tidak menyisakan satu lobang jarumpun yang sehat.
Tidak ada sesuatupun di dunia ini yang dapat menolongnya, selain istrinya yang
tetap memelihara cintanya karena Allah.
Istrinya selalu melayaninya dan selalu mendo’akan sang suami untuk kesembuhannya,
maka Allah mengabulkan do’anya, memperkenankan permohonannya.
Lalu Allah memerintahkan Nabi Ayub untuk bangkit dan menjejakkan kakinya ke tanah
dan Allah mengeluarkan mata air dari dalam tanah dan menyuruhnya mandi dengan air itu.
Lalu, Allah menghilangkan seluruh penyakit yang ada di tubuhnya.
Itulah buah dari do’a istri yang sholehah.
Do’a Perempuan lebih makbul daripada lelaki karena sifat penyayang yang lebih kuat
daripada lelaki, ketika ditanya kepada Rasulullah akan hal tersebut, jawab Baginda,
“Ibu lebih penyayang dari pada Bapa, dan do’a orang yang penyayang tidak akan sia-sia”.

Sentiasa doakan suami ya?
Agar suami selamat dlm perjalanan pergi dan balik kerja.
Agar segala urusan suami dipermudahkan.
Agar suami sentiasa cekal dan tabah.
Agar suami sentiasa dalam lindungan dan kasih sayang Allah.
Agar suami sentiasa berjaya.

Agar suami sentiasa melindungi, menyayangi, mengasihi dan mencintai isteri ke akhir hayat.

Kerana suamilah orang yang kita kongsikan hidup. Yang sentiasa kita cinta. Yang sentiasa kita hormati. Yang sentiasa kita harap. Yang satu dalam hidup.


Friday, 1 April 2011

hi april

mmm. i love this smile the most. bleh? hehe. knowing that i can actually smile this sweet and sincere and happy. i hope this can be an encouragement for me through my ups and downs.

anyway this photo was taken many years back when i was still studying at utm (zaman itu kulit adalah masih selamat dan tidak seperti sekarang hehe) and husband was studying at utp. hikhik. he visited me during weekend and we went out for dinner and this was at Anjung Warisan, JB. A beautiful place. A beautiful memory too.

I admit, we always need to cherish the good memories to be thankful for what we had have and appreciate the present and for us to struggle for future and lifetime happiness. Why struggle? because life involves emotion.

I'm not going to elaborate more on this but in cure of what i have been going through these 2 days, i found this from my reading;

"Emotional intelligence is not about smiling all the time.

It's about celebrating success, RECOGNIZING THE JOY AND THE PAINS OF OTHERS, it's about being angry at the right person at the right time in the right manner for the right reasons, it's about the authentic use of emotions."

Those in capital letter had won my attention the most. On the other view, it's damn hard for us to control of what other people would say/do that will harm us. But one best thing we can do for ourselves is to protect our heart from getting hurt and we will know how.

Have a good day everyone.

Thank you, husband. i love you so much!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


sedih sangat2. dan tension sangat2. terhadap 2 benda. tapi hanya satu yg saya boleh luahkan di sini utk ringankan rasa ni.

sedihnya saya tak bersedia utk presentation 3 minit utk kelas hari isnin. saya hanya ckp ttg apa yg dh sedia ada dlm otak melalui pembacaan lepas. not a proper one. i was not well-prepared. sangat frustrated. Dr. S ada expection yg tinggi terhadap studentnya. Dr. S jgk bkn calang2 profesor. Tiba-tiba saya rasa saya xmampu perform utk semester ni. walaupun ni hanya salah satu presentation tp saya rasa kecewa sgt.

ya Allah sedihnya mlm ni. i so need someone to talk to.

ya Allah.

sedih :(

kucuba gagahi jua. sambil nangis pun takpelah.

ni pas balik dari kelas Dr. S. tension tapi ter-rawat seketika. walo apepun perasaan saya skang, deep inside my heart i miss this moment.

my good listeners.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

cantiknya purple bedroom! :) but not really the second one kan. or anyone would prefer black for a comfy bedroom?

hihi no lah im not going to talk about bedroom deco. ni saja2 cuci mata kat google. this is also one kind of therapy. you see good things, beautiful stuff, the creative ideas, it's a good way to take a break after a long surfing and reading in front of the lappy. kan? :)

currently im reading on malaysian curriculum for one of my subjects this semester. i found a great difference in learning style between the time of undergrad studies and postgrad, and this is my personal opinion. my undergrad days adalah salin dan hafal. sangat exam-oriented. but now i'm happy to realize that we can't just actually depend on one single book but the most importantly is to be able to grab other related information and current issues to be applied in our reading. that is so much better. read and think. and i'm so thankful for the teaching experience i had from primary level up to tertiary (if i can say the one with MARA is tertiary). it means a lot to me :)

seems like everything is good for this semester except for the unfinished assignments (hihi bila nk siap nih). but i'm so afraid that i am going to take the literature thing for next semester and swear i totally have no idea how am i going to catch up. my former KU at previous workplace used to remind me that i really need to work harder than others esp those who are already in this field during their first degree. i admit that. thank you kak iza! i'll figure out what to do during this sem break insya Allah.

yup sem break is just a month away. how time flies. so much actually need my attention but sometimes ignoring the workload is such a sweet antidote. hehe.

so let's movie tonight. merong mahawangsa jom? hehe ya saya ketinggalan sedikit.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cemerlang Kelihatan Ramai

"PUTRAJAYA: Seramai 10,488 calon sekolah Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) dan Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) berjaya mendapat keputusan gred cemerlang (A+,A dan A-) dalam semua mata pelajaran yang diambil dalam peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2010".
(sumber Berita Harian)

secara positifnya, ini adalah satu kebanggaan. ya, cuba lihat secara positif dahulu. betapa ramainya bilangan yg mendapat gred cemerlang sehinggakan satu sistem penggredan baru (mulai 2009) diperkenalkan untuk mengecilkan lagi skop cemerlang untuk digunapakai ke kemasukan IPTA/IPTS atau kelayakan mendapat tajaan atau biasiswa. Suka atau tidak, mahu atau tidak mahu, inilah yang harus kita terima especially bagi calon-calon SPM. Inilah tiket, inilah pengukuran. Kalau saya berada di tempat pihak2 yang memilih untuk kelayakan yang saya sebut tadi, mau pening kepala saya memilih. Hehe. Kita sebagai pihak pelaksana hanya boleh berusaha yg terbaik. Nak kondem boleh, tapi kena sediakan lah sekali CADANGAN method yang lebih baik, kan? Trust me, being in education field memang sangat mencabar. I know that! Ni tak masuk isu kualiti lagi, isu disiplin lagi.

Ok, meh nak cerita sikit berkenaan sistem penggredan. Ni saya tampal table yg saya ambil dari Haslina.

Gred Lama Gred Baru Markah Nilai GPK Nilai PNG Tahap
1A A+ 90 – 100 1 4.0 CEMERLANG TERTINGGI
1A A 80 – 89 1 3.75 CEMERLANG TINGGI
2A A- 70 -79 2 3.50 CEMERLANG
3B B+ 65 – 69 3 3.25 KEPUJIAN TERTINGGI
4B B 60 – 64 4 3.00 KEPUJIAN TINGGI
5C C+ 55 – 59 5 2.75 KEPUJIAN ATAS
6C C 50 – 54 6 2.50 KEPUJIAN
7D D 45 – 49 7 2.25 LULUS ATAS
8E E 40 – 44 8 2.00 LULUS
9G G 0 – 39 9 1.75 GAGAL

or you can refer to this Pekeliling.

bila saya baca blog2 or forum or comments org awam, ramai yg timbulkan sisi negatif pasal pendidikan Malaysia skarang.

'Eleh, A je banyak..tapi last2 ntah ke mana jgk..'

'Eiii buat ape la tukar2 sistem..nk dapat A pun susah..'

dan macam2 lagi yg saya rasa xperlu la saya ketengahkan kat sini. Itulah persepsi. Tepuk dada tanya selera. Nk positif atau negatif. Saya sendiri ada pengalaman berharga tentang pentingnya mengubah persepsi. Maybe next time saya cerita.

Benar, kejayaan seseorang bukan diukur pada bilangan A sahaja. Malah dalam Falsafah Pendidikan Malaysia pun dah terang2 cakap psl matlamat nk develop potensi individu, nk melahirkan individu yg balance intellectually, emotionally, physically dan spiritually. Yang penting nilai-nilai murni dalam hidup yang boleh dibawa sampai mati. Tapi inilah tiket untuk menentukan hala tuju pelajar seterusnya. The world keeps on changing. So, persepsi sgt penting for me. Perception can change emotion. Nk melahirkan citizen macam ni bukanlah 100% tugas cikgu-cikgi/educator sahaja. Komuniti pun perlu bagi support. Dalam komuniti tulah ada golongan ibu, bapa, keluarga seseorang pelajar kan?

So, chaiyok semua! :) All The Best!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

i love being naughty with you

Dalam banyak2 gamba kahwin, saya paling suka tatap yang dua ni :)
Each tells smile and laughter and happiness. Alhamdulillah syukran ya Allah.

3 things that i cherish most in our life:
  1. pillow-talk
  2. sebelum, semasa dan selepas solat berjemaah - even selalu delay 2 3 minit walaupun dah sedia pakai telekung dan bentang sejadah. why delay? us being so 'naughty' ;)
  3. saya terharu sangat setiap kali suami saya turun bawah dan sambut saya balik dari kelas waktu malam. terima kasih sayang!
cukup 3 diabadikan di sini, for me. and i believe that each and everyone of us have our own sweet moments to always be remembered, to look back, to think of, at least to keep us feel 'accompanied', always for sure or at anytime we need to or feel like.

Me sitting alone now in our utility room on this rainy day, it makes me smile thinking of those above 3 of mine (us). i can't wait to have him home this evening.

oh dear husband, i just love being naughty with you.

ok! jgn senyum sorang2 lama sangat. assignment masih banyak dan exam juga sudah tidak lama lagi.

have a happy day semua and wish me luck!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

siti nor's reception

hi, that is my wedding portrait with the farisians. they really made my day :)
and oh it was a year ago in 2010, on 13th feb to be exact. what a lovely day.
kly, jeda, siti nor, fatin, rodz & apis, peje, jamar, cik ann, paka, amin & aza, yusran and hasif.

another lovely purple wedding that i attended today. reception of siti nor & hafies on 19 march 2011. and we the farisian were able to meet up again, to capture another sweet moment celebrating our friend's love day.

gamba JMR tp xmintak izin hihi
(cik zal, jeda, cik ann, mc anie, aza, me, nunu, pok jat's wife, pok jat, jamar, juzle, my husband, amin)

congratulation nor and husband. i pray that both of you bahagia sokmo and cepat-cepat dapat cahaya mata insya Allah.

the girls, sebelum zal and ain sampai.

gamba JMR tp xmintak izin jgk hihi

us and ain the mummy-to-be :)

among all, i truly admire this last photo. just so very nice. both have the same look and smile. and they look perfect, siti nor and cik ann :)

wedding is beautiful.

credit to cik ann and JMR for these photos :)