Wednesday, 18 May 2011

lepas 16 mei ;)

17 may already and it's husband's birthday!

happy birthday abg :)

i looked for a special birthday card for him.
a card that specifically for a husband,
the word 'husband' on the card is necessary hehe ;)

i browsed and found a white beautiful lovely card
that i wanted to consider.
the words inside sound quite romantic
and written in a wonderful way.
it looked so perfect.
it won my attention at first.

so i walked to the counter to pay for the card.

but spontaneously i turned back and went to the shelf again.
i browsed again and found another card.
i took a look and i myself finally smiled, like smiled happily.
it won my heart.
and i decided to have that :)

and we both laughed out once he opened :)

well, i did write a beautiful line for him as well.
one that i wrote from the bottom of my heart.


plain_jane said...

hahaha.. brilliantly sweet :))

May Allah bless both of you.

p/s : happy birthday to nazman :)

puteri said...

comelnye pop up card ni!

Lisa Hz said...

the first bday card i received from zuhey was a comical one too. it looks simple but sweeeeeeeeeeeeettt kan kan. hehe.. happi bday encik jemer, and happi holiday buat are are. lps exam abes holiday la kn? kikikiki.. =D

:: Liney :: said...

so sweet... suka ngat baca semua entry are... simple but nice! kdg2 k liney senyum sorang2 smpaikan en hairus curious... :)