Saturday, 19 March 2011

siti nor's reception

hi, that is my wedding portrait with the farisians. they really made my day :)
and oh it was a year ago in 2010, on 13th feb to be exact. what a lovely day.
kly, jeda, siti nor, fatin, rodz & apis, peje, jamar, cik ann, paka, amin & aza, yusran and hasif.

another lovely purple wedding that i attended today. reception of siti nor & hafies on 19 march 2011. and we the farisian were able to meet up again, to capture another sweet moment celebrating our friend's love day.

gamba JMR tp xmintak izin hihi
(cik zal, jeda, cik ann, mc anie, aza, me, nunu, pok jat's wife, pok jat, jamar, juzle, my husband, amin)

congratulation nor and husband. i pray that both of you bahagia sokmo and cepat-cepat dapat cahaya mata insya Allah.

the girls, sebelum zal and ain sampai.

gamba JMR tp xmintak izin jgk hihi

us and ain the mummy-to-be :)

among all, i truly admire this last photo. just so very nice. both have the same look and smile. and they look perfect, siti nor and cik ann :)

wedding is beautiful.

credit to cik ann and JMR for these photos :)


Anggerek said...

wedding is a place for us to see each other. love u all

daniadanis said...

u r right cik ann :)