Sunday, 27 April 2008

i feel like blogging

when all you've to do is smiling
when all you've to do is laughing
when all you've to do is talking nonsense
don't ever forget to take a deep breath
and bring yourself back to the right space

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

one moment in time

Mr Postman has just handed me a wedding invitation from Farah Nazreen Zainal Aziz, former schoolmate. this is the second year since i started receiving such invitation and now having a collection of them:) each time i receive a card, it seems like a reminder of how grow up i am (or should be). a friend at my age sees herself eligible to take another big responsibility at another life phase. let me say this in three words; independent, brave, effort. and for that reason, we always congratulate the newly-wed and say a little prayer for their happy journey of married life.

anyway, let's get into this time machine;

ain: going to get married on 31 May 2008
syikin: married on 10 March 2008
reen: ealier than ain; 25 May 2008
liena: married, already a mother
lyn: counting days to her engagement
i'm sure ladies whose blissful event will be in the nearest time are excitedly doing busy with the meticulous preparation. wedding preparation is perhaps a great start of a marriage.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

aduh penangan!

Menyesal saya baca ruangan dimensi berita harian; PENANGAN BLOG.

Ada beberapa perkara yang saya boleh terima dan sesetengah perkara yang mengundang rasa kurang enak di hati saya.

Awalnya saya sangat mengakui realiti berikut. Sekurang-kurangnya, pandangan dan apa jua kisah rakan sebaya atau tidak sebaya boleh dikongsi bersama, malah 'friends are still in touch'.

"Evan Williams yang mengasaskan pula berpandangan bahawa blogger adalah golongan muda yang menggunakan blog untuk berkomunikasi dengan rakan sebaya"

Saya masih selesa membaca pendapat penulis yang seterusnya;

"Setiap orang boleh memberi 1001 macam alasan untuk memiliki blog, tetapi blogger adalah seorang yang tahu menghargai pandangannya"

Tetapi terpukul dan rasa tidak bebas bila membaca kenyataan berikut;

"Pada masa sama, ada ramai blogger yang hanya memuatkan luahan hati kecewa, putus harapan dan meracau tidak tentu hala. Blog begini selayaknya dimasukkan ke dalam bakul sampah"

Bukankah setiap individu mempunyai 1001 sebab untuk memiliki blog? Kenapa timbul pula pandangan sedemikian? Saya kecewa kerana saya baru sahaja meluah rasa pada 'post' sebelum ini dalam blog saya:) Terasa sungguh!! :) Suka hati saya lah!!!!!:) (kan saya dah meracau:) )

Apapun saya faham, pokok pangkal yang ditulis oleh penulis tersebut mungkin ditujukan kepada blogger-blogger kehormat yang 'memperjuangkan' isu POLITIK pada masa kini yang kadang-kala turut memenatkan saya; berkenaan memfitnah, mengutuk dan menyebar khabar angin (bukankah ini juga sesuai dimasukkan dalam bakul sampah?) dan lain-lain sewaktu dengannya. Apa salahnya, saudara penulis juga seorang manusia yang mempunyai pandangan tersendiri yang tidak semestinya saya telan bulat-bulat. 'OPINION can tell thousands of words'

Sesungguhnya, saya bermula dengan blog ini kerana pada saya, menulis adalah satu terapi yang baik untuk saya. Ibarat sebuah coretan elektronik. Setiap individu seperti saya juga bebas memilih corak penulisan masing-masing samada berbentuk 'heavy' atau 'light and easy'. Yang baik dijadikan teladan, yang buruk dijadikan sempadan.

Saya tak perlu cakap banyak lagi. Saya perlu hati-hati dengan hakikat di bawah;

"Selain itu, Akta Hasutan 1948, Akta Fitnah 1957 dan Kanun Keseksaan boleh digunakan terhadap mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Sudah ada beberapa kes blogger di negara ini disaman kerana tulisan mereka"


Yang penting, saya tahu apa dan dengan siapa ingin saya kongsikan blog saya. Antara saya dan penulis tersebut, mungkin kami dari kumpulan yang berbeza lantas mempunyai tujuan blog yang berbeza.

I'll stay with my freedom :)
I love my blogging friends :)
I like any those relaxing blogs that i bookmark :)
They are my brilliant colours :)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

it's my freedom

haha yeay. found this photo in old folder of mine. can anybody recognize me?:)
well, yup. something is missing..
and i keep searching..
cannot lie..

God, i miss him so much. it's hurt....

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

oh fragile heart

he took me out last weekend together with his 12-years-old brother and 8-years-old sister since nobody at home to take care of them. so surprising that i was tearful seeing him and his little sister were hand in hand when we headed to kopitiam for a snack.

this is much worse than first time seeing my eldest sis with her spouse 10 years ago.

i know i've learned the beauty of to-love-is-not-a-meaning-to-own, but i always need readjustment each time.

i should understand a quote;

"to be loved is pure happiness,
to give love is pure selflessness"

and make a deal with time to help myself accepting that,

LOVE is about SELFLESSNESS that leads to HAPPINESS

Saturday, 12 April 2008

macam-macam ada

"otak burung unta, lagi kecik dari matanya.."

banyak boleh belajar.

tapi kalau asyik astro CERIA 24/7??

mungkin ada 'pelajaran' lain. contohnya, kisah berikut yang agak hampeh tapi bikin hati gelak:

i have a 7 years old cousin named FIRDAUS who loves to be the man of ASTRO remote control to ensure astro CERIA all day and night. one day, his mother asked him to find a handphone charger in the bedroom and this is what he did; opened the door, stood up with both hands at his waist and said loud; CHARGER, TUNJUKKAN DIRIMU!!!!!

the innocent charger was found (by someone else) under many cute pillows.

mungkin banyak boleh belajar tetapi yang membezakan ialah penerimaan.

kanak-kanak A : "otak burung unta lagi kecik dari matanya" (tujuan iklan)
kanak-kanak B : charger, tunjukkan dirimu!!!! (realiti yg kreatif)

**next item in my list; kid's brain.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

the song and its memory

:: whenever i listen to those Acha & Irwansyah, each song brings me back to the memory when i was first time in Labuan. remember when we spent our time ferrying from labuan to penumbok, Irwansyah helped us to quickly finish the 2hours journey with his song Pencinta Wanita. the men started talking on wanita which was quite interesting and the rest enjoyed songs.

:: i loved singing My Heart at that period of time. my 3years old niece would shout 'FAREL' out loud when i sang the chorus. well, i'm not certain if she would still do that. quite some time not singing that song together.

:: truly, those 3 remind me a lot of being home at Tmn Hilltop, Labuan. want to know the reason why? tiap2 hari maid kakakku pasang lagu tu sambil wat keje umah. let her be and now it's one of the memories.

:: haha. this is my roomate's song. ana, the first year roomate back in UTM. she used to play this song almost every morning. ala2 baby yang dgr azan bile lahir, and me? dgr Back At One bile bangun tido. terus teringat sampai skarang:)

:: oh jatuh cinta lagi! i made a simple short movie about me and aman (thanks to movie maker), and this is one of the theme song.

PUPUS, etc
:: this is the funniest. this is UTM story. the girls and i overcame stress by making our own video clips and sigh, ntah ape2 btul :)

i have a few more and i'll keep it that way. still a long writing should i continue.

anyway, let me be frank and acknowledge those sweet charming blogging friends who always share.

i recently listened to TEMAN BICARA by Erra Fazira. i knew cik ann was a great fan of her. i guess she still is. cik ann, where do you keep that book of erra fazira?

WHAT A GIRL WANT? tara. synonym for Aifaa. she did choreography and trained the first former girls batch 00. can still remember the very first movement, to do with shoulder:)

SWEAR IT AGAIN. we was in 4 Beta and Lyn sang this song every morning for a few weeks when she was about to step into the class after rollcall/assembly:)
i never wanna say goodbye..
cause i never wanna see you cry..
i swore to you my love would remain..
and i swear it all over again..


mm..jane, i'm just being frank...

well, a song is not just a song. i'm pretty sure most of us have our sweet memory behind any beautiful song we like, and we listen to music for our own reason.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

babbles bulpbulp

for the sake of convenience, i prepared our simple dinner in advance and got ready for akademi fantasia live last night. i'm not so much into this AF since end of season 3 but i was interested to see the difference they wished to make during this third concert; minggu rock. i didnt know the reason why they chose the concept that all students had to sing rock/rock kapak but i think they were all acting like singing rock. had to sing serak2 basah, garang, etc and unfortunately they looked as if they were suffering from the melody. sakitnye! i agree that they didnt sing from their heart because they were forced to choose and to do so. and for the first time i nodded my head, agreeing with the idea of ADLIN AMAN RAMLI:) poor saida. i hit 103 and preferred to watch cerekarama at the middle of her performance. i felt nothing. pengkritik lagi menyerlah drpd pelajar. but it's ok since i actually have nothing to do with it. i dont vote for reality show. not even for my wakil rakyat. ops. ehehe. NOT YET.

and yup, heard and read about malaysian math genius, sufiah yusof. sigh. a lot came to mind but i dont think to translate them into words here. i should read and listen more. one best word, nauzubillah.