Thursday, 26 May 2011

kuantan may 2011 part 2 :)

muhammad hassan mustaqim @ baby aqim

her mom is my best buddy who took the first step together with me back at IKM. fiza, are and mas shared all happy and sad, good and bad, kept knowing each other, and we even planned our wedding at almost the same time. we were housemates :)

until 2010 and everyone walked into the new phase of life and we lived on our own, but the friendship is always there never change. so i was among the earliest to know the good news that fiza was going to have a little one soon after she got married.

and end 0f 2010, i made a move to KL and we just communicate online since then. thankful that we have mms and those network so i can always receive this photo of baby aqim. and i prayed that one day i will be able to meet him and hold him :)

as the family planned to celebrate kakak's convocation in kuantan, the next first thing came to my mind is to meet my good friends and the little ones of course. Alhamdulillah everything went well and we finally met at a restaurant in kuantan. the above photo was sent by mas approximately 30minutes before we met :)

and finally he was there in my arm. sad that baby mayra could not make it this time.

maybe next time ok mayra, muahh ;)

this was my best surprise of the day. to be able to meet those faces who had once cheered my life up, shared my ups and downs at work, friends whom i can always call the best colleagues in the world. see the kids in the photo? oh rasa mcm family day ok :) sangat happy!! :)

thank you thank you thank you.

thank you hubby for this lovely chance. love you mmuch :)


:: Liney :: said...

so... sweet... next time kita jumpa baby mayra k...

{UmmiAqimSygAbg} said...

Darling.. reading this, i cry over and over again..