Monday, 31 October 2011

farewell october ;)

  1. i am back from jusco wangsa maju. and guess what? i bumped into Ustaz Azhar Idrus and his family! well no further action taken. segan lah sikit kan ;) oh and today is 31 oct 2011 :)
  2. today's class (31 oct 2011) has been canceled. dear lecturer is not feeling well but we need to work on an assignment given online and the question is oh so quite tough. i need explanation perhaps!
  3. it is 31 oct 2011 today and that means i only have 2 months left for this semester. piles of works are still pending and i need to reschedule and reorganize everything. well i don't hope much this time, it is good enough if can get this semester done the best i can. i leave the rest to the Almighty.

*winkwink ;)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

hehe, nope lah. Insya Allah :)

anyway it is my mid-sem break now. 24.10.11 - 30.10.11.

& i keep reminding myself that i do have many pending tasks.

but yeah, it's a break. so work little!
-mm, nope lah. i am kidding :)
you all be rajin2 ok :)

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


dulu semester lepas..saya bgtau husband nk ponteng kelas..trus kena marah hehehe..ok2 saya main2 je masa tu..hehe so xjadi la ponteng walopun ade sedikit malas..

this time this semester sekali lagi saya bgtau nk ponteng..kali ni bersebab punya..sbb we both nak amik bas jumaat mlm balik kg..bas at 9.30 mlm and my class on friday night ends at 9 mlm..memandangkan a week before lecturer dah bagi kuiz and we understood that no assessment will be carried out for the following week..saya dgn konfidennya dan sedikit manjanya told my husband xnk attend kelas takut xsmpat kejar bas and he said OK..hehehee..yippieee..yippiee? no no no hehe..

masa tgh tggu bas tetiba dpt info dari my classmate telling that lecturer bagi take home test on lesson yg diajar mlm tu..ohhoooyyyy..menyesal den tak datang kelas..tobat xnak ponteng dh pasni hehehe..

have you read this post anyway? yup Alhamdulillah i have many supportive friends and one of them is Farrah. she sent me all the notes, put an effort to scan and send the questions and stayed online with me should i have any problem to understand the notes and questions. Alhamdulillah i managed to get it done..with her help..legaaaa..

huhu lepas ni xleh xattend kelas semudah itu..bahaya kan..gelabah i..tapi the good side is..saya rush giler catch up balik lecture hari tu..kalu xde assignment camtu agaknye bertangguh jgk nk study balik sbb assignment lain pun berlambak lagi..ok Alhamdulillah..

ok ujan dh benti now..n i want to stop writing too..tata :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

a little prayer to keep going

"your schooling may be over,
but remember that your education will continue."

it is true indeed. but seeing happy people on their convocation day is like having a good supplement for myself. i want to be one! i pray that Allah gives me all strength throughout this long journey until the completion.

Amin ya Allah.

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

FB-ing tip

(for me especially)

The only reason that we keep logging on to FB is the nice and lovely friends that we have there, kan? Yup there are friends.

I remember spending my long long sem break at home alone while husband is out for work. Who else do i have? My online friends!

I sometimes got myself carried away with that best time killer but still, i have no regret. I got my house chores done and i still have like 25 hours to go until my husband is home? Oh hey, it's my friend there! Wee, FB could be my great company. Thank you lappy & 24hrs connection! I watch tv, and later i get back to FB. I read some materials, and later i get back to FB. I go out and later i get back to FB. The list goes on.

But not now anymore. I have started my new semester. So there should be some changes to my routine. As for now, i am going to remind myself of the top FB-ing tip:

  1. Do not start your day with FB-ing.

And that's it. Simple enough so do fight hard to let go, ya?

FB is not a problem. In fact we meet and catch up with a lot of friends there. It is actually about user attitude towards FB, especially for a STUDENT like me!!!!

Ahhh tak sabar nak habis belajar haha :))