Thursday, 30 June 2011


hi asna,

first of all congrates!! u r now a mummy. selamat berpantang keh. masak2 kemudian ;)

nway lambat pulak are update pasal cili tumis life tu hehe. so far are cuba utk goreng bihun and masak sambal telur/bilis. personally utk bihun goreng ok kot sbb kite just letak sket utk tumis je kan. tapi kalu utk masak sambal, macam kureng sket la are rasa. bukan are pandai sgt hehe tapi sbb xdapat rasa yg kita nak/sepatutnya. kalu pandai adjust ok kot.

tapi kesimpulannya next time are xkan beli lagi kot. maybe next time just blend siap2 seniri bawang cili sume utk kegunaan masak.

oklah take care ok :)

yrs truly,

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


i thought that i have made myself clear not to think much about having that forever-admired lovely handbag, and in fact, i did muhasabah diri and kawal keinginan. but oh deep inside i can still hear that little voices screaming out eagerly to have one. huh sabar ok!! not for now. i have just grabbed another red one past few days which is none of the lovely kind i have wanted and to voice out about wanting to have other one a week later would only make my hubby pening2. too much kan? sabar ok sabar!!

sila simpan duit utk kegunaan masa depan yg masih terlalu banyak kepentingan lainnya. ok!!

ahh. it is just a handbag. sume pun samenyer punnn haduih!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Life simplifies

mom in law used to buy homemade cili tumis segera from terengganu for me. I admit that it helped me alot in the kitchen especially when i need to prepare for meal quick. It tastes good too. That was last year when i was still quite new to cooking as a routine that i need to cook often to brush up my skill.

And like i learn nothing, my cooking skill is still at average level and i am so in need of a booster to help me in the kitchen especially during rush hour in the morning. As i browsed through the shelf at Jusco, i found this 'Cili Tumis' a product of Life, that works the same as the previous mak bought me. Well i hope it tastes good too. Have you ever tried this?

I am planning to prepare mihun goreng for our breakfast tomorrow and will try this cili tumis. No 'kupas bawang' tomorrow yeah ;) Erm, i would always love to add 'daun sup' in my mihun goreng to give it a nice aroma and taste too.

Ok gtg now. Take care :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

saturday started well.
we went to tasik titiwangsa.
headed back home.
simple facial treatment for husband.
he fell asleep.
and now i'm done cooking!

i'm thinking of creating a cooking blog.
no im not that expert.
just to blog down my learning journey.
or perhaps to give me a good boost?

well ya, why not?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


lovely little nephew