Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Life simplifies

mom in law used to buy homemade cili tumis segera from terengganu for me. I admit that it helped me alot in the kitchen especially when i need to prepare for meal quick. It tastes good too. That was last year when i was still quite new to cooking as a routine that i need to cook often to brush up my skill.

And like i learn nothing, my cooking skill is still at average level and i am so in need of a booster to help me in the kitchen especially during rush hour in the morning. As i browsed through the shelf at Jusco, i found this 'Cili Tumis' a product of Life, that works the same as the previous mak bought me. Well i hope it tastes good too. Have you ever tried this?

I am planning to prepare mihun goreng for our breakfast tomorrow and will try this cili tumis. No 'kupas bawang' tomorrow yeah ;) Erm, i would always love to add 'daun sup' in my mihun goreng to give it a nice aroma and taste too.

Ok gtg now. Take care :)

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asna cute said...

1st nmpk nie.. mcm menarik jer. xyah dh nk gunting cili kering, rebus n blend. nti update if senang n sedap! =)