Sunday, 27 July 2008

there in KL

::currently thinking of them::
1st nephew, 2nd niece with my lil bro (he's home now)

my sis & 3rd niece


oh miss her miss her. that 3rd niece, she's 4 months


mm, eh. tunduk plak ;)

::and always::

Friday, 25 July 2008

at this kind of moment

aman sent me his photos..
telling me bout his new hair
and his fever!!
i pray that he's getting well..

ya ya.. here n there..

if i could turn back time
i want to turn back to 2nd half of 2007

dont ask why
only me could understand


i love looking at the past
because those are sweet for sure

nobody knows
not even me

but at this kind of moment
i sometimes cant wait to see the future
the nearest future
next week

Saturday, 19 July 2008


hmm..apart from those lesson plan, news n political scandals, school, teachers, kids etc, lets take a look here. tgk gamba jom. xbyk pun..

this one. i guess i was 1yr plus and still tembam. trust me. masa kecik2 dlu i ni tembam:) i dont know why this pose but abah once said that i was not in the mood. see the couple behind me? thats my sis n bro, trying to get a better pose for me maybe. booo layan.

oh poor this one. dh rosak but fortunately the childhood moment can still clearly be seen. kiranye sempat diselamatkan la gamba ni. masa ni dah start susut ntah ke mana isi2 dan lemak2 ku sekalian. hee. yg ditengah2 berbaju merah itula saye. di cblh kanan ialah my sis, di cblh kiri ialah my cousin, with my lil bro. kat blakang tu ialah the one n only abang. masa ni kat KL. cuti skolah agaknye. dah besau cket. recognize me? hehe. ni pun kat KL at my aunty's. mase ni tgh addicted to video games smpi makan minum pun xbape nk layan.

oh childhood. thankful thankful. yes, guess i understand that world of _____. if only i could really feel the joy again as it was. if only i could remember my capability of understanding at each extent iv reached.

so that today, whenever i stand in front of the little crowd, i wont easily get mad and able to see things through the eyes of kids regardless of how grow up i am now.

anyway, what is the most attractive way to teach language? change the font each time? mm, kidding. not an idea!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


oh i hv no idea. it's been a while since i first clicked on that 'new post' but still nothing come out. letting the empty mind watching the empty screen.

so, lets get help from the heart. i can remember reading Yasmin Ahmad's column in HerWorld previous edition. a writing - a story, a poem etc may not necessarily come from the mind of genius. writing may also come from the heart. so i conclude my reading on her writing.

perhaps she's right. i first started writing when my empty mind really needed a fulfilling after suffering from abah's death. so very thankful that the heart has been so kind pouring and pouring whatsoever its sincere expression to keep the mind full and sane again (with the help of many other hearts of course) so that a life can keep going as the mind can also keep working.

the heart.
a lot like a crystal.

it needs a care.

because once broken.
so little that u can do.
with that tiny pieces.

kind or cruel.
i pray for a good heart.
forever strong.
with the help
of another good hearts around.

thank you.

oh the above title! no thanks, heart. just let whoever decide.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

so very ordinary me

dowdy dabeduuuuu. dowdy dowdy yes i am. i love surfing tudung and this one i bought few months ago. i tried once i came back home, my sis took the photo convincing me that i looked good but unfortunately the photo was not so convincing and i kept on believing that something is wrong whenever i put on any other tudung than that bawal kind and finally this tudung that i bought few months ago i repeat, just 'rest' nicely in the wardrobe. poor tudung (and any of my baju n tudung that 'being treated' the same way, beli tapi tak pakai). and i forever turn back to my only tudung bawal. sigh.

**can remember 'pengeras'. it was 1997 i guess n it helped to well-shaped the tudung.

yes, this is me. as simple as i always be. baju kurung, tudung bawal. jeans n blouse n tudung bawal. long pant n long sleeve tshirt n tudung bawal. i love to at least try another tudung but never feel comfortable about that. again, something is wrong. sooooo not me. sometimes i feel like i need to dress better, just like those ladies i always see in the magazine, or among friends or people i know. oh they look really nice with that new fashion both baju2 n tudung2. but, having no desire am i? apparently im just comfortable being the way i am. comfortable comes first, right?

thankful that i'm currently working in my environment that requires baju kurung all the time. oh. i work at a school. a school that takes 20mins drive from home. yeay yeay yeay:) yes, located at machang:) i must say that i like the school, and the kids. yes, it's a primary school:) do pray for me ya!

hey, how do i look? sorry that i just love being simple that makes me comfortable (many comfortable i wrote). it's ok kan? please love it too and see me for who i am. i just believe that human beings are beautiful in many ways. praise be to Allah; kitalah sebaik2 kejadian. but we may differ by the way we carry ourselves, and the way we see others. and no matter how people see me, i hope they (and you around me who know n close to me, especially) accept that this is how im comfortable to be, this is just the way i am.


lastly, i really want to say this;
thank you Allah, for making me the person i am today.

happy second half everyone!