Wednesday, 17 August 2011

there's no turning back

life has been so beautiful ever since the childhood until now. i am thankful for that. but once in a while, deep inside me, there is one thing that i always regret about. only one thing, that i did not get myself exposed to the real interest that i wanted to do/learn at my early age. no i don't want to blame others. i should not even say it is unfortunate. well sometimes i wish i could turn back time but the path i have taken also brought a meaningful and priceless experience to me, taught me many precious things, offered me precious feelings that finally led me to what i am doing now. i still have to be thankful there.

however, knowing that i actually started zero in this field of learning now, i so wish that i had the opportunity to be in this field of study before, during my first degree. and i regret i feel that. i regret i lost the chance once.

it is now too late. i just have to move on and work hard. just because there is no way turning back. i just have to move on. fight the nervousness like i used to and give myself the best try. because i know, this is what my precious life experience wants me to learn. so i will learn.

all the best to me!


asna cute said...

Xde ape nak disesalkan mybe ada lg perkara baru yg kita belajar tp xsedar ;) chill!.

Anggerek said...

dont think that much....try your best, u can do it, Ani.

daniadanis said...

asna, least kite blaja benda baru kan..u motivate me thank u!! ;)

cik an,
thanks alot cik ann..insya Allah i'll try my best..huggy!!:)

fiza said...

same here darl.. but we managed to do it & now, we're still standing!! cayo chaiyok!!

daniadanis said...

thanks darl!!! i love u more! chaiyuk kite..insya Allah..hugss!!