Thursday, 29 December 2011

a helpful one

thanks so much lyn!! lyn is one of my friend i knew since secondary school. now a mummy to a cutie adorable little boy named Qalif ( hope i spell it right) and a student of university college london as well, currently doing her phd. she was one of friends whom i asked for opinion and advice when i was about to further my master degree. and until today, she is still willing to share all her tips that make her the person she is today :)

i wish i could share the link of what she is currently doing here but ya, that is hers and i can't simply treat her work as mine la kan ;)

so here is my list:

final exam:
tesl method on 4 jan 2012 -done
statistics on 5 jan 2012 -done
linguistics app in tesl on 9 jan 2012

statistics: data analysis (5 jan) -done
linguistics app: write up (9 jan) -done
testing & eva in tesl: 1) final project -done , 2) article critique -done. (6 jan)

for tonight i am going to work on:
tesl method notes
testing & eva surfing - at least i need to find one reading material

*perhaps i need to revise on my proper schedule to get all those things done on time. insya Allah.

i will update later ok.

*ops blom reply msg lyn on fb. ok one more to be added in the above list ;)

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