Wednesday, 13 April 2011

dan tawakal

berdoa dan bertawakal.

one thing i could never experience when i was at pekan is to smile and wave goodbye to my husband before he leaves for work, what more a hug and kiss!

but i have got the chance now, and always. it is such a meaningful moment to always spend our little quality time together in the morning and walk him to the door and pray for his best out there.

i wrote in my previous post how important it is to say a little prayer for husband's safety and happiness and success and good things to be with him.

and yup, when the loved one is off to somewhere and is out of our sight, all we can do is to pray to Allah and leave everything to Him for He knows best. insya Allah.

us both, on ramu's wedding


asna cute said...

suke la entry nie =)

daniadanis said...

thanks alot asna cutie :)