Wednesday, 22 September 2010

i read my previous blog and found this entry

My Love Story:10 of many

Saturday, March 10th, 2007
1) at pizza, he passed me his wallet asking me to pay the bill at counter.
2) wanted to have fresh orange for breakfast, but no parking. i volunteered to buy. i was about to get out from the car when he asked. "ade duit?"
3) she: aman, pedasla..
he: meh aman makae..
4) did a little shopping to buy birthday present for mak. our eyes stuck on something nice which we decided to buy. he suddenly opened his wallet telling me, "jap, tgk duit cukup tak.."
5) he complained his back to me.
6) i will automatically hit the channel that he is watching at the time, right after receiving his msg of any excitement show on TV. i will watch even for short. even bola.
7) he kept me informed of any movie on TV in which my interest, via msg. so that i could watch as well.
8) we meet each other so very seldom. once we met, there’ll be no fighting, even a tragic waiting happened before the meeting.
9) there will be two feelings in one meeting; i’ll be very2 happy at the very moment our eyes met, and it turned sad when we had to make our very own move at the end of the day.
10) he is the only friend, the only boyfriend, the only man in my own world, since the day one i learnt about LOVE, until now. so tell me, how am i going to wake up without seeing him flying in my head every morning everyday??