Monday, 31 March 2008

come & go

Kuala Berang - 20 Mac 2008
after akad nikah
Kuala Berang - 22 Mac 2008
tepung tawar by mom

groom's side

right before balik. goodbye snap for amea. hehe

me after tepung tawar :) bughok gile gambaku. tapi kenangannya sgt cantik. love u bro!


Machang - 23 Mac 2008

me, kakyah and amea depan umah :)

sweet escape: 10 mins b4 zzzzzzz.....penat but happy


leave behind the kepenatan. it was beautiful days. mom is the happiest person. (Ohh, i pray to have a mother-in-law like her, mm i'm going to have one? mom treats my sis-in-law like her very own daughter. termasuklah xkisah kalu bangun lambat. gagaga) . yup, mom is the happiest. dapat cucu a week after dapat menantu :) thank ALLAH that my kakak sulung dah selamat deliver a baby girl on 30 Mac 2008. mom is now in KL visiting her new cucu for i dont know how long. huhu.

just me, sis and grandma here. we went for a little ride yesterday and came home before night. i opened the door. walked to every area, room by room. EMPTY. imagined that everyone was there last week and now? hmm, not a big deal anyway. just cherish the moment. people always come and go. always do.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

bicara santai

SELAMAT PAGI MALAYSIA - satu rancangan bual bicara yang ke udara menerusi saluran RTM1 itu sangat sukar meraih perhatian saya sebelum ini. walau bagaimanapun, pagi Isnin lepas saya telah terpanggil untuk menonton rancangan tersebut sebagai memberi peluang kepada diri untuk berjinak dengan rancangan seperti itu. jelas sekali saya kagum dengan penyampainya yang telah menggunakan perkataan-perkataan Melayu yang baru dan saya sendiri tidak tahu maksudnya dengan tepat. betapa saya ketinggalan dalam perbendaharaan kata bahasa ibunda saya sendiri. lantas, saya memilih untuk menulis dalam bahasa yang mula-mula saya tuturi seawal usia dulu, pada kali ini.

berbalik kepada rancangan tersebut dan pengisiannya pada hari itu. pernahkan anda, menyangka diri melalui waktu tidur yang panjang tapi masih berasa mengantuk dan tidak segar keesokannya? ya, saya pernah malah masalah ini sering saya alami. penyakit tidur yang dikenali sebagai 'sleep apnea' ini boleh menyebabkan seseorang individu yang tersekat pernafasan pada waktu malam terjaga berkali-kali dalam keadaan tidak sedar untuk kembali bernafas! akhirnya tidur yang dirasakan panjang sebenarnya tidak berkualiti dan menyumbang kepada kemurungan. namun, terdapat beberapa punca dan cara mengatasi permasalahan ini dan jika memudaratkan, perlulah mendapat rawatan doktor.

benar, tidur merupakan salah
satu tanda kebesaran ALLAH dan wajarlah didahului dengan bacaan doa sebelum dan disudahi juga bacaan doa selepas tidur. saya mengingatkan diri saya sendiri jua yang kadang-kala mudah lupa ini.

akhir kata, saya mendoakan majlis akad nikah abang saya pada malam esok (tarikh bersempena keputeraan nabi SAW) berjalan lancar dan diberkati ALLAH. semoga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat dalam ikatan kekeluargaan yang erat dan penuh kasih sayang.

**my grammar always needs a little work**

Monday, 17 March 2008


think and think and think.
the way i always carry myself.
that might affect others.
and blow a smile away.
a smile of my own.

  • i'm sorry that i sometimes love to laugh. i could easily laugh at something i'm not supposed to with NO intention to belittle others. i don't know how could it be such a spontanious respond. very bad, those who don't really know me would think that i'm humiliating their talks or actions. swear, i have never intended so.

  • so i guess the above statement could explain why do people sometimes get wrong with my talk or act. of course it hurts but thankfully i can console myself on that. it's ok. but what if the wrong idea they get would hurt themselves as well?

  • a large mood swing makes myself an unpredictable person. but not so complicated.

after all, it is hard to make myself understood. is this normal? if abnormal, how to cure then?

Sunday, 16 March 2008

need no title

debushh. had a really bad hurt tragic frightening dream last night. it was a nightmare about ?@~ nope. i woke up at 6.30 and 15 mins later started the housekeeping until 11 just to forget it. i would cry all my life again should it really happen. just enough.

by the way, that straight 4hours working did actually help me settle a few of cleaning list. that's good. but i still have a lot to do with that 'tongkang pecah' upstairs, windows, and balcony. and the 'joy' is to do it all by myself. the wedding is a week away and i'll get it done. promise. this is the first wedding to be held at the house and that's why a lot need to be done. ok. i have to understand that. so, no complaint, just do it.

i'm currently not in a good state of emotion.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

bloggy chain

10 of ME :)

  • a person at my height normally takes 4 or 5 (talking about size of shoe) but i always need a size of 7 to comfort my feet. sometimes i try hard to find a brand that suits me at size of 6. 7 makes my feet comfortable and 6 tells myself a nice size.

  • i prefer to iron my newly washed clothes especially kurung right before hanging them neatly in the wardrobe. i started last year just to relax my eyes whenever i need to go through my wardrobe after a stress day of working. i hope i'll always manage to do this in the future (i mean it).

  • cooking and I? i don't think it's my talent. sometimes it can be good and at other time it can be real bad. i'm not so much into lauk-pauk i guess. being a Malaysian and now kampung girl, eating rice is a rule and it's mandatory. when i was child, i could survive eating bread all the day and my parent would always have the bread ready for me. everyday must have. said no to rice until i had to make another survival at boarding school.

  • i'm the only one in the siblings who doesn't take taufu, not even soya bean. perhaps that's the reason for my unhealthy skin!

  • i don't have a pet. don't like, to be precise. huhu. am not that loving.

  • i'm quite choosy when it comes to biscuit. hehe. the only favourite was chipsmore during my secondary school and now i'm in love with biskut tiger. thank GOD, murah je:). and now i'm looking for new choice.

  • sometimes, i like to eat alone. go out and choose any fast food restaurant and spend time enjoying my meal as well as the scenario around me.

  • i don't eat ferrero rocher. i'm sooooooooooo into the one and only cadbury and refuse to try any other. but i'm currently thinking of patchi. how does it taste?

  • poco-poco helps reduce my stress. feel good that i finally managed to follow the steps.

  • i have never say this before, but it's strange to see my full name anywhere on earth except one which is written by myself.

hmm, went through the list all over again, i make a conclusion that, this is not a waste of time, lyn (glad that you tagged). i should have discovered more than i'm always aware of.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

feel the friendship

when there's no reluctant
when there's no secret
when all you want is to sit and chat and laugh
when you finally upset to leave each other

when words cannot tell
when silent take place
then feel it

feel the friendship
with a heart open

::a dedication::