Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A simple meaningful one

A cake - in my case hubby came home from work to surprise me with a box of cake. it was still early at 7 pm when he reached home so he kept telling me not to open the box until 12. haha funny that he even wanted to take the cake to shower afraid that i might open and look. both of us were just kidding, well yeah i wanted to wait for the right time too.

A movie (optional) - while waiting for the exact time, you may watch any favorite movie at home with your loved one. it is not to kill the time, it is to enjoy each and every moment. in my case, we watched captain america! haha we are currently in love with action movie :) and yeah you can spend your lovely quality time any way you like with your loved one should you have extra more minutes/hours- it is a meaningful wait indeed.

A dress - oh celebrating at home will give you another advantage when you have to put no effort to dress up. at home at night, your sleep dress would be the best option. don't you think? :) ya, it is only you and your loved one!

A card - a birthday card is compulsory. write the sweetest words from your heart and it will be much appreciated. i smiled all my heart reading mine.

A gift - traditionally, we go survey and buy the present on our own, wrap it well and hope that he/she will like it. well, a hint can be a surprise too. make sudden conversation about it 2 or 3 days before the birthday and you can just simply say what you want to have for him/her, and later you can see the excitement on the face as well. i loved this kind of excitement!

And, when the clock shows 12am, celebrate it the most meaningful way your heart can do. it is just you and your loved one in your own world. no one else. a birthday song, hugs and kisses would make you feel just complete that you are the happiest person on your day.

the moment you always want to remember, it will be.

i'm in love with this one!

looking back, nothing much that i did for my husband's last birthday. yela, i kan tak keje konon2 hehehe ;) there was a card for sure, but i could not remember if there was a cake or present! oh apa lah saya ni. all i remember, he took us to dinner and movie on his birthday telling me the best gift and celebration is to be able to spend the whole day with me. oh that was much much simpler and more meaningful, kan?


Lisa Hz said...

sweet sweet and sgt sweet areare! =) happy belated birthday jgk are. sowi sgt2 tersgt ketinggalan bas. time bday are tu lisa bz sket, x brape bukak sgt FB. lps prasan tu segan plak nk wish sbb lmbt sgt. hukkk

tetibe rs rindu pulak kt papa faheem ble bc entry ni. enjoy ur precious time with the darling hubby up to the fullest, while u still can ok! nt abg jemer kne travel memane boleh la join team mama faheem. hikkk =D

Liney said...

are... sweeettt sangat... tak terkata...

daniadanis said...

mama faheem,

it's ok lisa..hehe thanks anyway :) btul tu lisa..enjoy while still can kan..nnti jeme will be away jgk for two weeks..sabar saja lah..

kak liney,

thanks alot kak liney..:) sekadar mencoret kenangan utk tatapan..