Thursday, 6 October 2011

FB-ing tip

(for me especially)

The only reason that we keep logging on to FB is the nice and lovely friends that we have there, kan? Yup there are friends.

I remember spending my long long sem break at home alone while husband is out for work. Who else do i have? My online friends!

I sometimes got myself carried away with that best time killer but still, i have no regret. I got my house chores done and i still have like 25 hours to go until my husband is home? Oh hey, it's my friend there! Wee, FB could be my great company. Thank you lappy & 24hrs connection! I watch tv, and later i get back to FB. I read some materials, and later i get back to FB. I go out and later i get back to FB. The list goes on.

But not now anymore. I have started my new semester. So there should be some changes to my routine. As for now, i am going to remind myself of the top FB-ing tip:

  1. Do not start your day with FB-ing.

And that's it. Simple enough so do fight hard to let go, ya?

FB is not a problem. In fact we meet and catch up with a lot of friends there. It is actually about user attitude towards FB, especially for a STUDENT like me!!!!

Ahhh tak sabar nak habis belajar haha :))


asna cute said...

mari kita mulakan assgmnt dgn berjalan2 di KL festival city dlu! hahah =D

daniadanis said...

hahaha..asna..menariknyeee..jgn dilupa date kite ye..nnti roger akak key..hehe :)

asna..akak xdpt nk komen blog asna la..xtau nape..bleh send tpi xappear..

sherry @ SHerR said...

are...its true...cari material 2 mins..check fb wall..20 mins..baca article..10 mins...then switch to fren's wall 30 mins...how2???very distracting...tuh tak masuk mulut nak munch2...hahahaha...

daniadanis said...

hahaha kan kaksher! anyway how's ur thesis? dh setel?

sherry @ SHerR said...