Thursday, 28 July 2011

fresh one!

percubaan kedua my bread butter pudding :) this time guna roti gardenia je sbb nk abiskan stok. before this guna croissant.

so this is our dinner haha smbil layan malaysia-singapore.

i'm so in the baking mood now. perhaps this is a great boost for me to attend informal baking class tomorrow with my dear friend. can't wait! ;)

next time i write the how ok :)


Lisa Hz said...

are bread pudding is my favret!! besnye are da pndai buat sndri. lisa ade usha2 resipi dlu tp smpai sudah x buat2 pon. kikiki

daniadanis said...

wee..are pun suuukeee..hehe cuba lisa..kejap je ni kan sbb xde pukul tepung bagai..cuba keh :)