Monday, 31 October 2011

farewell october ;)

  1. i am back from jusco wangsa maju. and guess what? i bumped into Ustaz Azhar Idrus and his family! well no further action taken. segan lah sikit kan ;) oh and today is 31 oct 2011 :)
  2. today's class (31 oct 2011) has been canceled. dear lecturer is not feeling well but we need to work on an assignment given online and the question is oh so quite tough. i need explanation perhaps!
  3. it is 31 oct 2011 today and that means i only have 2 months left for this semester. piles of works are still pending and i need to reschedule and reorganize everything. well i don't hope much this time, it is good enough if can get this semester done the best i can. i leave the rest to the Almighty.

*winkwink ;)


puteri said...

ye ke jumpe ustaz azhar? bestnye. ramai ke anak2 dia?

asna cute said...

Manis macam gula gula la hehe

daniadanis said...

aah confirm it was him :) masa tu just perasan die ngn wife die..wife die tolak stroller baby kalu xsilap..segan nk perati lama2..hehe..

manis seperti anda juge ;)