Wednesday, 24 March 2010

life goes on!

we might be hurt at anytime simply by something that we never expect and we never know on whom to put the blame. eventually we just have to realize that we ourselves are in the best position to protect ourselves from getting hurt by at least forgetting. well at least, but totally forgetting is hard. but every hardship is followed by ease, kan? life needs to move on. and for that reason, we need to fight.

see, understand and learn.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010

i just want to fall in love

mari bercinta!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

kalau la saya bleh amik gamba ayam masak merah yg saya masak tadi..tapi sony ericson saya dh rosak..dan saya tak punya kamera..kalau x bleh upload kat sini..kasi bersemangat skit :) esok nk masak ape ye..something berkuah pulak maybe..hehe..i'll surf later :)

lately saya tak makan nasi for lunch..kebiasaan terbaru..saya hanya makan nasi lemak di waktu pagi..mamam kuih anytime i feel like kat office..skip my lunch and as the result sgt kelaparan di mlm the result jgk saya abiskan seperiuk nasi (seperiuk bersamaan 1 cup beras) seorg diri mlm ni ngn 3 kali tambah..makan pkul 9.30 mlm lak tuh..pekena milo ais lak tuh..hoho..tak leh amal nih..esok kena lunch..kasi balance..

anyway..i have something in my mind now..taste saya sebenarnya ala2 kanak2..xtahan pedas..suka yg manis2..very kontra ngn my hubby yg sgt suka pedas dan kurang manis..cane nk ejas tu?

hubby, i know you are reading..cane nk ejas mm? :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

oh cooking!

cooking & I? we are not yet best friend. but i'm trying so that we can be :)

still remember that i was sooo in love with cooking back in 2001. i wanted to cook almost everything almost everyday. i surf recipes, i buy recipes collection, i read recipes column in almost all magazines, i myself even write a copy for my own from any source i found. and i cook. trust me! haha but that didn't last long. i tend to forget all the passion for cooking that i have in me once i furthered my studies at college and uni. and i give up. that's it, GIVE UP.

now i'm trying to tell myself to start new. i remember watching ratatouille and the famous tag line is 'anyone can cook'. yeah anyone can cook. adani can cook too. hehe. oh i just need to be passionate.

thankfully i have a supportive someone that he at least makes me want to cook. so this evening, i'm going to try nasi goreng serai with chicken black pepper for dinner. insya Allah. wish me luck!