Monday, 25 May 2009

i wish i am an eat lover

glad that i have finally found my favorite food and place. Those are simple and i have just noticed them recently here at pekan:

  1. nasi lemak ayam at sawit & IKM cafe (i soo rarely eat nasi lemak before but here, nasi lemak is my top choice)
  2. roti canai at pantai selamat food court (kuah pun licin, kuah dal only)
  3. mee sup at kedai liplap (the food is soooo gorgeous and memenuhi selera)

oh i could only list down three for now but i hope for more to come.

yes, i wish i was i wish i am a food lover.
that kind who can just eat and eat and put on.
that kind who eat because the food is real yummy.
that kind with great appetite.

i hope i am that kind.

Monday, 4 May 2009

baby baby

see my brother..very2 excited nk dapat baby..first baby :) insya Allah mid June masa balik kg cuti 1 mei hari tu..kelakar tgk die prektis pakaikan baju baby..and his wife tersengih je..let's pray for them..mudah-mudahan my sis-in-law selamat melahirkan nanti..insya can't wait to hold the baby..and me, i always wanted to buy the baby socks..tak tau nape saangat geram tgk kecomelan stokin nanti i'll get one or maybe 2 or 3 for my new anak sedara, and one for me to keep..hehe :)