Monday, 26 September 2011


yup that title should not be an opening i know but yup i am sigh-ing now.


and again. i do have a list of task to do today before i leave for my evening class but the once-in-a-while gloomy heart of mine stops me to do those. until now that it's nearly 11.

i am unhappy now.
it is so dull in and out.

how i wish that i could turn back to Saturday, or Sunday,
to the moment that i met lovely people who only made me laugh and forget about being gloomy.

dear heart,
please be nice. you have always learned to accept things, to be rational, to be self-motivated, to cheer up. so why do this feeling keeps bothering? please. i may understand that you still have to adapt but please, do not take long ya? please sweetie sweetie heart of mine :))
now we get back to the list and we'll have our favorite mcFlurry later ya?


Anggerek said...

same here terpaksa memujuk hati untuk cheer bile terkenangkan to do list hati jadi gundah gulana.

whatever is that,lets cheer up....
gambate ani

daniadanis said...

thanks cik ann..lets cheer up :)

mlm ni ani nk tgk muvie kat wwalk..ade mase maybe u shud rest tgk any muvie u like..cinema or home..