Friday, 1 April 2011

hi april

mmm. i love this smile the most. bleh? hehe. knowing that i can actually smile this sweet and sincere and happy. i hope this can be an encouragement for me through my ups and downs.

anyway this photo was taken many years back when i was still studying at utm (zaman itu kulit adalah masih selamat dan tidak seperti sekarang hehe) and husband was studying at utp. hikhik. he visited me during weekend and we went out for dinner and this was at Anjung Warisan, JB. A beautiful place. A beautiful memory too.

I admit, we always need to cherish the good memories to be thankful for what we had have and appreciate the present and for us to struggle for future and lifetime happiness. Why struggle? because life involves emotion.

I'm not going to elaborate more on this but in cure of what i have been going through these 2 days, i found this from my reading;

"Emotional intelligence is not about smiling all the time.

It's about celebrating success, RECOGNIZING THE JOY AND THE PAINS OF OTHERS, it's about being angry at the right person at the right time in the right manner for the right reasons, it's about the authentic use of emotions."

Those in capital letter had won my attention the most. On the other view, it's damn hard for us to control of what other people would say/do that will harm us. But one best thing we can do for ourselves is to protect our heart from getting hurt and we will know how.

Have a good day everyone.

Thank you, husband. i love you so much!


CRAFT GIRL said...

puteri said...

dah lama tak dengar @ baca pasal EQ. thanks dani, your words wake up something inside my deepest heart this morning.

daniadanis said...

im glad to hear that tikah..chaiyuk :)