Saturday, 26 March 2011

cantiknya purple bedroom! :) but not really the second one kan. or anyone would prefer black for a comfy bedroom?

hihi no lah im not going to talk about bedroom deco. ni saja2 cuci mata kat google. this is also one kind of therapy. you see good things, beautiful stuff, the creative ideas, it's a good way to take a break after a long surfing and reading in front of the lappy. kan? :)

currently im reading on malaysian curriculum for one of my subjects this semester. i found a great difference in learning style between the time of undergrad studies and postgrad, and this is my personal opinion. my undergrad days adalah salin dan hafal. sangat exam-oriented. but now i'm happy to realize that we can't just actually depend on one single book but the most importantly is to be able to grab other related information and current issues to be applied in our reading. that is so much better. read and think. and i'm so thankful for the teaching experience i had from primary level up to tertiary (if i can say the one with MARA is tertiary). it means a lot to me :)

seems like everything is good for this semester except for the unfinished assignments (hihi bila nk siap nih). but i'm so afraid that i am going to take the literature thing for next semester and swear i totally have no idea how am i going to catch up. my former KU at previous workplace used to remind me that i really need to work harder than others esp those who are already in this field during their first degree. i admit that. thank you kak iza! i'll figure out what to do during this sem break insya Allah.

yup sem break is just a month away. how time flies. so much actually need my attention but sometimes ignoring the workload is such a sweet antidote. hehe.

so let's movie tonight. merong mahawangsa jom? hehe ya saya ketinggalan sedikit.


Lisa Hz said...

we share one thing in common lah.. suke tgk2 home deco cantek2. hihihi.. rasa puas ble berangan kn =D

nway, good luck are are! =)

daniadanis said...

hehe kan berangan..comel2 plak tuh..thanks lisa :)