Thursday, 21 April 2011

sweet reminder

for me! :)

oh i'm still struggling to finish all my task to be submitted end of this semester. reading articles is such a sweet pressure now since i need to add extra capacity in so limited time. oh this reading and writing should be enjoyable and meaningful as i manage to acquire more knowledge but not in this hurry.

i so can't wait to end this. not that i want to ignore those books and articles but at least i give a chance for myself to breathe right and fresh. in fact, i already have a few books and articles in my list to be read during my semester break. well, it will be a four-month semester break. yeah big smile :)

so, this is my sweet reminder. keep going keep going keep going and there will be an end. i am going to spend my day properly that time, treat myself good, have all the books/novels with me and enjoy my every reading.

so go go keep going!


asna cute said...

chaiyokkk! =))

daniadanis said...

thank you sweetie :)