Thursday, 21 March 2013

I am New

Welcome back to job hunting! Hehe so I told myself. 

Did I mention earlier that I have completed my study? 
Oh yes, once again I have completed my study. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, three rules you have to remember once you finished study: don't stop reading, don't stop learning, don't stop reading. Insya Allah.

So yes, once again welcome back to job hunting! 

But this time is a different feeling when I am as well a wife. I just could not elaborate here, it is a personal feeling that I keep being thankful for.

Well, it has been three years since the last time I attended an interview. So, last Monday when I went again for an interview I could feel an awkward feeling inside of me, something more than being nervous. Of course I prepared for the interview but at this level at this age, I felt that 'selling' myself was not something I should do hard. What more to find that other candidates were also my uni-mates and they were far better than me that they are currently working at a higher institution somewhere. Hence, it was an awkward feeling, to really want something but at the same time to let go something for you know that it is the same thing someone you know, really hopes for. Ok, why so complicated? Haha. Yeah that was it. I need self-reflection on this I guess at least for the purpose of getting a position.

As the result, I also forgot the simple interview do's and don'ts. I could not even concentrate on my mock teaching that I kept secretly asking for the panels' response to help me with the ideas. My bad. It was my mindset that the interviewers could be regarded as students during mock teaching session but perhaps I was wrong. It actually depends on the institution and the panels. I should ask first.

Overall, it was a mixed feeling. But most importantly now is what I learned during that session.

I don't really think that I will be considered to obtain the position but as I mentioned earlier the most important is that the lesson I learned. If I am not considered, that means I am not good enough. And still it could be a good news to other people who deserve it. So, let's just leave the rest to Allah.

Till then, bye :)