Monday, 14 March 2011

nyawa lebih berharga

It has been a long time since our last movie, say a month? So last night we went to catch 127 hours at WangsaWalk TGV. Thankfully it is just 15mins away from home and we can normally go purchase our ticket way earlier, come back home for routine and head again to cinema 20 minutes before the showing time.

I insisted to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa at first but the ticket i mean at our preferable time was already sold out. So 127 hours is the next option and it was not bad at all.

This is James Franco and guess what he is doing for that approximately 127 hours? Oh the climax is so mencabut jantung i tell you. Nasib baik couple seat and i just looked at the screen through my fingers. But then it made me realize that this kind of enthusiastic man appreciates his life more than anything walaupun takde ****** but what matters is life must go on. And yeah, please leave a message for your loved one whenever you are going out somewhere for anything happen in case, because we can actually never live this world alone. We may need even a little help, who knows.

This film is actually based on true story of Aron Ralston who is a climber and went out hiking in Blue John Canyon, Utah, trapped alone for almost 5 days and finally survived. A nice one to watch except the darah2 part hehe, unbelievable for me at first.

Anyway we are still planning for Merong Mahawangsa tho. Pagi2 lg Anuar Zain dh nyanyi lagu 'Sedetik Lebih' oh sgt memanggil. i know MM is another kind of Alice-in-Wonderland-vs-Magika but why not supporting? hehe. JMR's review is quite convincing too. Can't wait!

Now i need to struggle for my test first. The test will be on friday so wish me luck.

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