Tuesday, 15 March 2011

coklat merah

Close friends and who ever reading my previous entry may know that before this my husband and i stayed apart from each other. I was at Pekan, he is in KL and we only meet during weekend and holidays. So, we have Pekan home and KL home during that days.

I knew that my husband and I will eventually live together one day like we manage now but as a woman i just could not stand the emptiness or dullness of that Pekan home what more to stay alone during weekdays. I need some colour to cheer my day up. I mean many ladies will do this kan? Contohnya go to kedai perabot weekly for cuci mata and at the same time aiming for something that you would like to have. I did this during my Pekan days, hehe.

So, i ended up buying set of dining table and a few small shelves. Good that i managed to remind myself not to over spend on perabot thingy because later i will move to KL.

Then i realized that Pekan and KL home actually have different theme. Pekan home came out with brown theme and my husband actually prefers red colour for KL home in the very first place. Hehe. Why did not I stick to red for Pekan home as well? It is because the wall was painted light creamy yellow. Hehe.

December 2010, it was the time for me to move to KL. I can never imagine how can red work well with brown before this but this time i just have to believe my eyes, just because we actually have no option. Not bad kot hehe. Here take a look.

Ok, the last picture is like apple analogy. The red skin actually mix well with its turned brown isi kan? ;)

Well, in order for those furniture to mix good, I added some red+brown element to it for example the carpet, alas meja makan, and also the red cushion for the dining chair.

Ok tak ok tak? Sila sedapkan hati saya ;)

Yup not bad for us at all. This rare combination actually makes me love our little space even more. I am not bored so far.

Tapi next time we need to carefully plan our home sweet home la kan.

Luckily this combination works well together this time and we love it.


Lisa Hz said...

ok je la are are! sbb u da mix dgn carpet tu kn, it looks nice =)

daniadanis said...

thanks lisa..:)

aah la comey plak pggil are are hikhikhik ;)

elyna griffin said...

nice ani! love it ..cantik,, upload gmbr lg k.. love red * brown combo :)

elyna griffin said...

love the colour combo.. cantik Ani, sgt OK :) Upload la gmbr lg nnt k

daniadanis said...

thanks lyn..glad sgt2 u like it :) xde apepun pun lg nk upload lyn..umah kitorg kecik je..hehe..so far tu je lah :)