Thursday, 3 July 2008

so very ordinary me

dowdy dabeduuuuu. dowdy dowdy yes i am. i love surfing tudung and this one i bought few months ago. i tried once i came back home, my sis took the photo convincing me that i looked good but unfortunately the photo was not so convincing and i kept on believing that something is wrong whenever i put on any other tudung than that bawal kind and finally this tudung that i bought few months ago i repeat, just 'rest' nicely in the wardrobe. poor tudung (and any of my baju n tudung that 'being treated' the same way, beli tapi tak pakai). and i forever turn back to my only tudung bawal. sigh.

**can remember 'pengeras'. it was 1997 i guess n it helped to well-shaped the tudung.

yes, this is me. as simple as i always be. baju kurung, tudung bawal. jeans n blouse n tudung bawal. long pant n long sleeve tshirt n tudung bawal. i love to at least try another tudung but never feel comfortable about that. again, something is wrong. sooooo not me. sometimes i feel like i need to dress better, just like those ladies i always see in the magazine, or among friends or people i know. oh they look really nice with that new fashion both baju2 n tudung2. but, having no desire am i? apparently im just comfortable being the way i am. comfortable comes first, right?

thankful that i'm currently working in my environment that requires baju kurung all the time. oh. i work at a school. a school that takes 20mins drive from home. yeay yeay yeay:) yes, located at machang:) i must say that i like the school, and the kids. yes, it's a primary school:) do pray for me ya!

hey, how do i look? sorry that i just love being simple that makes me comfortable (many comfortable i wrote). it's ok kan? please love it too and see me for who i am. i just believe that human beings are beautiful in many ways. praise be to Allah; kitalah sebaik2 kejadian. but we may differ by the way we carry ourselves, and the way we see others. and no matter how people see me, i hope they (and you around me who know n close to me, especially) accept that this is how im comfortable to be, this is just the way i am.


lastly, i really want to say this;
thank you Allah, for making me the person i am today.

happy second half everyone!


miss pumpkin (reen) said...

im luving d tudung..u don't hv to wear anything complicated..bcoz u alwiz look cute n pretty as ever. (ths is my sincere thot). Aman knows better i guess.

hey dear..congrats ...see u get what u really want..;)..

cikgu ani..muaxxxxxxx

elynagriffin said...

oh dear, u look so sweet with the new scarf!but i know how u feel, once we're comfortable with one type of tudung then we tend to stick to that one..kan? whichever it is you look very nice :)

good luck with the new job too!h

Anggerek said...

Congratulation teacher ;)

u cn wear that tudung with plain t-shirt (like black or dark brown).

All the best with ur new job...!
Take care

aifaa said...

ani.i know how u feel.keeping up w fashion while suiting w the tudung.. :)
but dear u honestly look really dont worry so long as u feel good than its bound to show..
haha.and im still laughing recalling those 'pengeras' days... :)