Tuesday, 8 July 2008


oh i hv no idea. it's been a while since i first clicked on that 'new post' but still nothing come out. letting the empty mind watching the empty screen.

so, lets get help from the heart. i can remember reading Yasmin Ahmad's column in HerWorld previous edition. a writing - a story, a poem etc may not necessarily come from the mind of genius. writing may also come from the heart. so i conclude my reading on her writing.

perhaps she's right. i first started writing when my empty mind really needed a fulfilling after suffering from abah's death. so very thankful that the heart has been so kind pouring and pouring whatsoever its sincere expression to keep the mind full and sane again (with the help of many other hearts of course) so that a life can keep going as the mind can also keep working.

the heart.
a lot like a crystal.

it needs a care.

because once broken.
so little that u can do.
with that tiny pieces.

kind or cruel.
i pray for a good heart.
forever strong.
with the help
of another good hearts around.

thank you.

oh the above title! no thanks, heart. just let whoever decide.


elynagriffin said...

see..beautiful words from a beautiful heart... <3

Anggerek said...

touching :)

sweet words.

aifaa said...

beautiful. :')

miss pumpkin (reen) said...

i luv ths..;)

daniadanis said...

plus 4 gorgeous people for this entry. thank u:)