Saturday, 19 July 2008


hmm..apart from those lesson plan, news n political scandals, school, teachers, kids etc, lets take a look here. tgk gamba jom. xbyk pun..

this one. i guess i was 1yr plus and still tembam. trust me. masa kecik2 dlu i ni tembam:) i dont know why this pose but abah once said that i was not in the mood. see the couple behind me? thats my sis n bro, trying to get a better pose for me maybe. booo layan.

oh poor this one. dh rosak but fortunately the childhood moment can still clearly be seen. kiranye sempat diselamatkan la gamba ni. masa ni dah start susut ntah ke mana isi2 dan lemak2 ku sekalian. hee. yg ditengah2 berbaju merah itula saye. di cblh kanan ialah my sis, di cblh kiri ialah my cousin, with my lil bro. kat blakang tu ialah the one n only abang. masa ni kat KL. cuti skolah agaknye. dah besau cket. recognize me? hehe. ni pun kat KL at my aunty's. mase ni tgh addicted to video games smpi makan minum pun xbape nk layan.

oh childhood. thankful thankful. yes, guess i understand that world of _____. if only i could really feel the joy again as it was. if only i could remember my capability of understanding at each extent iv reached.

so that today, whenever i stand in front of the little crowd, i wont easily get mad and able to see things through the eyes of kids regardless of how grow up i am now.

anyway, what is the most attractive way to teach language? change the font each time? mm, kidding. not an idea!


elyna griffin said...

wow u have a really good collection of photos :)missing those days yea?

anyways good luck with your teaching and all, im sure the kids will call u "cikgu cute" coz u really are.hehe

p/s: ajar subject ape dear?

daniadanis said...

ani ajar BI..

the photos remind me how i used to be..sama cam bdk2 kat skul tu jgk..they remind me how i used to be..

sabo jela ngn bdk2..ani pun dlu camtu gak;)

thanks ye..
wish me luck:)