Sunday, 16 March 2008

need no title

debushh. had a really bad hurt tragic frightening dream last night. it was a nightmare about ?@~ nope. i woke up at 6.30 and 15 mins later started the housekeeping until 11 just to forget it. i would cry all my life again should it really happen. just enough.

by the way, that straight 4hours working did actually help me settle a few of cleaning list. that's good. but i still have a lot to do with that 'tongkang pecah' upstairs, windows, and balcony. and the 'joy' is to do it all by myself. the wedding is a week away and i'll get it done. promise. this is the first wedding to be held at the house and that's why a lot need to be done. ok. i have to understand that. so, no complaint, just do it.

i'm currently not in a good state of emotion.

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