Monday, 31 March 2008

come & go

Kuala Berang - 20 Mac 2008
after akad nikah
Kuala Berang - 22 Mac 2008
tepung tawar by mom

groom's side

right before balik. goodbye snap for amea. hehe

me after tepung tawar :) bughok gile gambaku. tapi kenangannya sgt cantik. love u bro!


Machang - 23 Mac 2008

me, kakyah and amea depan umah :)

sweet escape: 10 mins b4 zzzzzzz.....penat but happy


leave behind the kepenatan. it was beautiful days. mom is the happiest person. (Ohh, i pray to have a mother-in-law like her, mm i'm going to have one? mom treats my sis-in-law like her very own daughter. termasuklah xkisah kalu bangun lambat. gagaga) . yup, mom is the happiest. dapat cucu a week after dapat menantu :) thank ALLAH that my kakak sulung dah selamat deliver a baby girl on 30 Mac 2008. mom is now in KL visiting her new cucu for i dont know how long. huhu.

just me, sis and grandma here. we went for a little ride yesterday and came home before night. i opened the door. walked to every area, room by room. EMPTY. imagined that everyone was there last week and now? hmm, not a big deal anyway. just cherish the moment. people always come and go. always do.


elynagriffin said...

ani! u've been MIA!now I remember the photos :) but where your lil brother and him?

u must be so relieved aight?

aifaa said...

wah..beautiful bet ur mom will be happier with another menantu lelaki(?)

Anggerek said...

cool wedding...congratulation to ur family...

waiting for ur wedding... hehehehe..

daniadanis said...

my lil brother? i didn't write on him. he's far away in czech republic doing his studies. he'll be back in July i guess. so sad that he wasnt here. but he called again yesterday immediately after receiving all uploaded wedding photos, and wanted me to explain every single photo. many2 this and many2 that, via cell. punya banyak dia tanya. explaination must be in detail. he always is. sigh. miss him anyway:)
him aka jeme? ni pun far away jgk. KL tu jah padahal. he couldnt make it for his own unexplainable reason. biarla....i didnt expect him to come (hoping actually hehe). again, kena understand the complicated unexplainable (?) reason.

menantu lelaki coming soon. my third sibling. hehe

thanks. and just pray:)

bile la MY wedding ek. surprise kot. hehe. time will tell. nway thinking of me and him drives me to write my perception on love. eager to tell the world wide on how i finally feel about this relationship and the hopes. i just couldnt find words and eventually keep the thought for myself alone. will try again and always. i pray to at least find someone or people who always understand. i know they are there. (mm, dh jd new entry in existing post).

elynagriffin said...

hey ani, feel free to write on your love story.frankly,u should try, coz girls always understand

daniadanis said...

lyn dearie,

i'm always trying in vain to write on it. huhu:)