Monday, 7 May 2012

Cameron Moon

A short visit to Cameron Highlands -May 12. I am too lazy to write that I have dedicated all my ideas and thoughts for my assignments so enjoy the pics.

i soo enjoyed taking photos. that explains why i wasn't in most of the pics.

btw, cameron guide is available on the net and the map could be easily understood.

so, experience yourself lah ;)

we both were actually busy but luckily we still managed to spend time here. we actually chose to. rehat minda. see, he kept receiving calls and he sent emails too while we were there. i once asked him to off his phone but ya, i better understand his situation and be more thankful for the time spent there.

eh dah panjang pulak. k bye.


asna cute said...

apa la nama peribahasa satu tue.. asna lupe sbb in englisg.. mmg sesuai dgn situasi akak hehe..

penah jejak cameron sekali jer last raya haji hehe naik jer xtido sana pun. Insyallah Next trip nk tido sana lak.

Liney said...

went there for 2 times n still want to go there... of course sbb sejuk... hik!! (pssttt... dah berair mata ni :)