Saturday, 26 May 2012

kisah artis

hmm, i m not sure to post about this or not. but ya i have started and i am writing now so i will just continue. sharing something small that i have learned today.

remember i told you that i have started to like instagram? yes i am i even still like. i snap & instagram my picture, i follow many other accounts and i let some people to follow me too.

ok. i followed Sazzy Falak. i started to like her story since she gave birth to her twin and i personally believe that she has her own certain good character, good personality & talented too. to make it simple, i follow her because i like to view her.

until today that she posted a picture of someone dressing quite improper and that was not her.
later a follower left a comment saying a little prayer for her to change for better.

unfortunately the other followers later misinterpreted the message and bashed him for what he had said.
i was disturbed. somebody said a little prayer & advise on something obviously good for you and you refuse to accept? refuse to change?

yes i was truly disturbed and i left a comment as well haha. yes, me! oh aku terjebak tapi menyampaikan sesuatu yg baik apa salahnya kan? i was saying something positive trust me i am not a hater of sazzy kalu x buat ape i follow please!


2 3 jam kemudian Sazzy Falak dah BLOCK saya oh my Englishhh! i hurt her? 

 ni pun i trace balik from twitter :) obviously that she refused the actually-good-response for her. but ya another thing is i  might have hurt her. sbb i compare dia ngn Dr Halina! hehehe and to think twice, this is what i found:

cuma yela. tak selesa bila sesama muslim meng-bash seorg muslim yg berdoa utk kebaikan org lain.

another character of Muslim artist i learned.

hah finally ada jgk org yg tafsir dgn betul. good haneenazya!

ok bye.

*sejak ada instagram dan twitter ni ringan pulak tgn i nk me-response selebriti ni haha. maybe because of the way they post -informal. kusedar, dua dunia kita berbeza. kecuali Dr Halina! :)


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