Monday, 11 January 2010

oh his name & my name!

Alhamdulillah invitation card is ready
and i'm inviting you my dear friends:)


[Jan 2009: engagement preps]

that girl by my side,
she's going to be the bridesmaid ;)
insya Allah


JMR said...

terbaek la...

GadisBerbajuBiru said...

:) alhamdulillah,dah siap... gadisberbajubiru likes this.hehe (buat mcm dalam fb)

Anggerek said...

nice one

Cik Cookie said...

gojes doeee card tuh.

elyna griffin said...

sweetie, the cards are beautiful. as beautiful as your wedding will be i'm sure ;)

congrats dear.

smstmfp jr. =) said...


kak adani ngn abg nazman ehh..=)

wahh,tumpang gembira..

congrats.. (^^)

GadisBerbajuBiru said...

kak a..ct tukar balik URL blog.. :D
keep writing ye ;)

aifaa said...

can't wait!

aifaa said...

can't wait!