Monday, 25 January 2010

Alhamdulillah, i've found a house to rent this evening located 5minutes drive from office, Taman Mentiga Jaya. the rate is a bit higher compared to all houses at the area tapi mana nk cari lagi?? i am thankful. really am.

insya Allah i'll be moving in this early february right before the wedding leave. so that when we come back here, we have a place for ourselves to live together. our home :)

anyway abg has also found a place in KL just nice for us both. yup we need to rent both in KL & pekan. temporarily i hope. i pray for better things to come in the future. to live together always.

insya Allah.


puteri said...

duk molek2..

daniadanis said...

insya Allah..PJJ jap..hopefully not for long..

JMR said...

nice planning...1day, 2homes become 1 kan...:-)

Cik Cookie said...

hopefully everything ok.

aifaa said... happy for u. :)