Friday, 24 April 2009


i felt the same last friday 17 apr 09.

i was just soo lazy to go to my morning n afternoon classes.
i just could not focus.
the first 2hours in the morning seem sooo long.
and i ended up my 2hours class in the evening just chatting with my students
after 30mins of discussion on our lesson of the day.
i just could not concentrate.
the heart n mind n soul left me alone.
i only managed to get them back on the next day in kl.
beautiful last weekend yeay!

this friday 24 apr 09.

the same feeling again.
mom is still in kl so i plan to spend my weekend there again.
ohh i sooo can't wait for tomorrow.
to see aman.
to see mom.
to see lovely sister.
to see friends.
oh i'm going to attend a wedding as well!
and again,
the heart n mind n soul have always made their first move leaving me alone here.
i struggle hard to stay focus and attend my classes.
i planned a discussion for my morning class and prepared some riddles to help time passes quick.
i planned a task and presentation for my next class so that the students and i do the talking equally for each hour.
i packed my things when it was 10mins to 5 and got ready to drive home at 5 sharp :)
i just can't wait to end today.
i went shopping on my way back and only arrived home at 8pm.
oh i just can't wait to end today.

i think the best way is to go to bed earlier.
so that i don't have to wait any minutes until tomorrow comes.

tomorrow, come quick!
and please be nice and give me another happy weekend.

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