Sunday, 26 April 2009

elyna & fikri

i was so so touched when the bride texted me asking my current address so that she could send me the invitation. thank you so much lyn. it was really a great pleasure to be there at your wedding and honestly, i've always wanted to be there since the day i received the lovely card. my pleasure :) and Alhamdulillah, Tuhan memudahkan ani & jeme ke sana; kuantan-kl 3jamstgh je, my mom n aunty were both in kl.

i mean it. i so admire the wedding. simplicity in elegance; the gold theme, the music, the self-made pelamin, and mostly the warmest welcome by the family made the wedding so ______.

and another best part is to get together again with some farisians esp lyn herself whom i last met 9 years back when collecting the SPM result.

so i have no more to say here. let's just recall the moments.

to lyn and leput, i wish you both a happy-ever-after, to be blessed with wonderful family and blissful life, insyaallah.



Anggerek said...

i think the cameraman is nervous sbb tu gmbr mcm shaking a bit heheheh

but anyway

we had joy we had fun on that day..

credit to Lyn :D

Ikazz said...

bila lak giliran adani?
i'm waiting.. hihi

daniadanis said...

cik ann,
terer cik ann drive hehe..ade mase kite konvoi lg keh ;)

pray for me deh..hehe..blom finalize date sbb my cousin pun plan nk kawen this year..kena bagi laluan kat die dlu..ape2pun nnt ore bgtau punye :) take care deh..

Darleena Yusof said...

bagai pinang dibelah dua...sama2 cantik dan sama2 cute..~wiNk