Wednesday, 29 October 2008

reason to be happy

Attended cousin’s engagement reception on 26th Oct 2008 at Carcosa, KL. The photos are still in progress I guess and I hope to hear from maksu soon once the photos are ready. It was a memorable night that I also had Aman with me and seeing him mixed with the family.

On another different note, I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday this coming Saturday but since I spent the past few days in KL, I surprisingly received a present from Aman, who else! So say heellooooooooooo to this clone of my Sonia. Mine is bronze in colour.

Thanks Aman:) Well I can remember the last time I bought a hand phone was in 2002, that nokia 3310 you know which rarely found (or no more found) at any display counter today. Oh I wonder if any retailer would still accept a trade-in! Then my brother amea, the one who used to ejek2 my Nokia 3310 had kindly gave me another smaller model of nokia (I cant remember the series) but still work the same function cam 3310 gak. And finally yesterday I got this Sonia, of course I felt happy la kan. Aman asked me to always keep that old Nokia kot2 besok2 harga naik balik sbb jadik barang antik! Huhu.

Well, let’s talk about yesterday. Went out to the middle of KL to attend an, I would like to say it here as appointment. Things only settled after 12 noon and I then asked Aman to fetch me so that we can go out for lunch. He only went back to office at almost 3 hehe and I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at Suria Park while waiting for him finishing his work. My favorite areas? The swimming pool and playground. I could hear and see cheerful laughter and many happy faces of kids together with their parents.

There were two kids running towards the swing and I could clearly hear this;

“ayah ayah, meh tolak adik!”

“a’ah, abang pun nk tolak”

And the father quickly do as they wished. Another laughter!

Then came this one little Indian girl with her mommy.

“Mommy I want to play this..”

“Ok five minutes ya!” so her mom replied. And guess what the girl then say;

“No no, I want 10 minutes please”. And then again, another laughter.

Oh happy kids. They made me feel good that day.

And me, I was happy in my own way too. I am happy. AT LEAST FOR NOW.

And friends, I hope that you are happy too, not only for now, but always.


Anggerek said...

i wish i can be happy now [sad mode] :(

daniadanis said...

cik ann,
what happened?

elyna griffin said...

yeay to new phone and ur happy date :)

A.i.m.i said...

bestnya dapat hp baru =)
and happy birthday jugak.....hehe

daniadanis said...

lyn and aimi,