Monday, 6 October 2008

no photos

hari raya was meaningful as always, Alhamdulillah. some members of the family were married this year which means that they were having to celebrate hari raya at in-laws' as well, but thank God that we managed to find a day to get all families gathered. it was friday and i felt sorry that i could not attend some invites, esp cik ann (oh nama cik ann disebut lagi). well, the gathering was special that we received a visit from some special people and this moment will be kept forever in my heart i know.

no photos.

i wish i could upload some photos to share here so that i dont have to find words to describe the every moment and the feels it bring but i dont have any. the camera was there i know but all of us were busy doing the i-dont-know-what-we-did-but-we-enjoyed-the-moment-of-it. a lot to say but i better i keep it to my heart only. dont blame me. blame words. they never want to 'show up'.

no photos.

now everyone has made their move leaving me with the memories and the feeling comes again.

no photos.


yanaSai said...

salam lebaran maaf zahir batin

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