Saturday, 6 September 2008

sorry but,

please hear me once again.

well, yes. I have something.
I try not to write this but I just ….

friends who have been to my place would notice the closest home of a neighbour located very next to my house. a home belongs to a very helpful couple of husband and wife whom we, especially mom do always count on.

It was 2.30am.
an ‘emergency’ call from the wife led mom, grandmom and sis to their house.

here’s the why.
2 hours before.
the husband wanted to take shower so the wife went to bed first without any expectation. thankfully (I mean it), the wife awakened at nearly 2 and found no husband by her side (u know how it likes?). with no delay, she looked for the husband and found his dead body lying on the bathroom floor (no no don’t want to know what it likes). In that circumstance, nobody could tell the exact time of death. It could be at any time between 12.30 to 2am.

12.30 to 2 am?

Abah! the occurrence is nearly the same. the difference is mom was there accompanying abah to the toilet (in our case) that mom finally could expect the unexpected and led abah lying on the kitchen floor so right before his death.

I was ok but,

I only felt the drops on my cheek an hour later. I wiped it away quick with the back of my hand before falling asleep again in front of the tv showing Tadarus Al-Quran.

So I think I learn that I don’t have to promise not to cry again. It’s just enough to know that I’m actually ok and will be ok.

Al-Fatihah for both..


Anggerek said...

al fatihah..

Ani, i always pray for ur peace and happiness

Tk cr

plain_jane said...

m sorry to hear that :(