Sunday, 14 September 2008

nk borak ngn sape ek..

aiyohhh. pimples here and there. can u see? kalu xnmpk pun sah2 sbb camera trick. actually resdung memburukkan lagi keadaan. alergi sepi. the last menu I ate was nasi kerabu (+budu+seafood+) has absolutely made my skin worse. I'm still searching for the right treatment or maybe pills but takut nk try. any suggestion? i need recomendation so that gamba 'sebelum' ni akan ada gamba 'selepas'. ala2 iklan lisa cosmetic or tia amelia or whatsoever. i wish a healthy skin, cikann ke..jelesnye......;)

well. went to KL last Wednesday to send my dear lil brother to KLIA. he left for chezh republic on Thursday 1255am (oh it was actually Friday) after spending 2months of summer holiday here at home. I told him not to miss me but now .. I kind of miss him. I should have feel good that I can conquer the remote control to watch any channel I like, I should be thankful that I can do my work without a lil brother kacau2 me around, no more yelling, no more buli2, but at the same time I should have also understand this feeling of missing this kind of someone when he's no more around for a long while. ingat lagi penat kejar adikku sorg nih keliling dlm umah gara2 dia melarikan nsetku untuk curi2 baca msg. huhu. well, this is just the same feeling when I first sent him to KLIA last year. days go on. i just have to pray for his happiness and success and waiting for him to come back again another year.

mm, tadi kat school kan, a few nurses datang tuk check budak2 dajah satu ni. i was on duty so i welcomed the team and brought them to a room. I checked the list of standard 1 pupils and everyone was there so I let the nurses carry on with their task at about 9.45am. so I continued my classes and teaching and teaching until 12 .30 pm and suddenly one of the kids told me about a missing boy. ohh xperasan plak. guess what. this boy named haziq semunyi bawah tangga blok depan sbb takut junpe nurse!!! padahal his mother is also a nurse. (but ya, i never see my father as a teacher. he was just only a father). tak sangka plak. budak haziq ni punya la ganaz dlm kelas tapi takut nurse smpi nangis2 bila teacher die ni cuba pujuk. finally we called his mother to come fetch him. haha. kids kids. alaaaa, dlu mase dajah satu pun saye nangis gak lagi2 kalu doktor gigi yang datang. terpaksalah cikgu or kawan2 yg lain panggil kakak saye tuk teman.

mm. what to cook petang ni ek. alah xyah pk la. my mother will do i know. haha. i just have to help her. cooking and i? we are not yet a best friend. but i hope we will be.


...I wanna text aman la..

till then ya!


Anggerek said...

huk..huk.huk.. (tibe2 terbatuk) name disebut2 dlm entry ni.. :D. actually i ve no tips how to taking care of my skin (face)...main REDAH jer...!

same here, cooking and me cannot be a bestfriend yet; there's a constraint between these two "thing" hehehehe

elyna griffin said...

ani, me pun nk share tips from others too!ye ke cik ann ni?hehe

btw,comelnye ur student hihi

daniadanis said...

cik ann,
ehh terbatuk plak die;)

tula cik an ni..nway cik an punye REDAH menjadik jgk;)