Friday, 6 June 2008


  1. 6june today so i went to rodz's wedding with my beloved sis. met siti nor, mahani, zie, emi, ani nurina, jetty, kak jie. headed to next wedding of sis's friend and then so malas to visit mom's friend. thankfully mom did agree to drop us at KB center and finally we decided to lepak at cyber cafe and here i am. currently waiting for mom to pick us up.

  2. aman is on his way home.

  3. i just found that ummi sudah bertunang! nih gamba curik amek kat frenster. hehe. perhaps this is wrong to paste her photo here ala2 curik2. but im sure whoever found this would pray for her happiness just like i do. honestly.

i'm happy for her.

again, let's say a little prayer.


Anggerek said...

thanks ani for the info... hehehe.. kalo x, x tau umi dh bertunang

elynagriffin said...

yeah me too! lame giler tak dgr cite ummi kan?

daniadanis said...

yup, lama xdgr citer ummi. 4years classmates.