Tuesday, 20 May 2008

understandable unacceptable - unanswered

i once admitted that love is just so beautiful. love ITSELF is beautiful, perhaps. however, i might find myself tearful at anytime i feel like. i ate tearfully, i watched tv tearfully, i did the chores tearfully, i even smiled tearfully. i'm telling the truth, because i just dried my tears right before deciding to do this writing as a way of therapy, hopefully.

it hurts i knew, it hurts i know.
i love someone i love,
i miss someone i love,
it hurts.
but why does it hurt?

LOVE, please keep me sane.
GOD Almighty, please give me strength.

plus, i want a happy entry next time.


miss pumpkin (reen) said...

ani..i hope u'll b happier than ever..(cheer up gal)

i'll dedicate ths song 4 u

Say a lil prayer 4 u

From the moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you..
While combing my hair now
And wond'ring what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you...

Forever, and ever, you'll stay in my heart, and I'll love you
Forever, and ever, we never will part, oh I love you
Together, forever, that's how it should be
Living without you
Would only mean heartbreak for me...

I run for the bus dear, while riding I think of us dear,
I say a lil prayer for you
At work I just take time, and all through my coffee break time
I say a lil prayer for you...


My darling believe me
For me there is no one but you
Say you love me too...

elynagriffin said...

dear, it hurts because you wanted it so bad and it just didnt happen that way.
i know this is hard,, all you need is a little sacrifice and patience.

everything happens for a reason,, and mostly for a good one.

and i believe, you guys will be getting a lot happier soon. just a matter of time k:)

daniadanis said...

sooo consoling..

i say a lil prayer for both of u too, girls.