Monday, 5 May 2008

here & there & everywhere

it is, of course.
but there's a word that describes better.
it is meaningful.

'take care' was one of the says.
exchanged a meaningful look.
turned and walked away.
but still wanted to turn back.
at least for a second.
so that i could finally turn
and smile.

i closed the door and locked up.
told myself to lock the previous moment at once.
so that it stop playing in my mind.
so that it stay still just in my heart.
had no intention to forget it.
just to heal the sorrow.
and to give myself a try.
to think good and live life on.

that's just a little part of the story.
no need to mention what it takes
to live the coming days, or weeks, or months.
until the next chance to meet again.


the beauty, the love, are always there.
but love sometimes gives both tough and easy tests.

distant love.
have you ever?


elynagriffin said...

if long distance r/ship what u meant, then yes.been there,know exactly how ure feeling now.

at times the loneliness will haunt u even when u sleep.but most of the times, the love is something that just make u feel stronger than ever <3

aifaa said...'s a b.t.d.t too for me.. :)
i think long distance r/ship is the most meaningful.
it gives you an indepth understanding of how beautifully painful love can be.but in the end,u know everything's worthwhile...

miss pumpkin (reen) said...

same here. i went thru d same process (long distance rship) a few years back. yes, it's tough but not an insurmountable prob for those who want to keep d love alive ( i guess i was a loser)

although sumtimes we may feel like we r losing faith in our rship at times, hold fast & trust our heart..Be strong & trust ur love..;). a beautiful rship worth a distance.

ani, kalo dtg t.m or g umah pakcik, msg ek.

daniadanis said... is everywhere. so, long distance r'ship sounds better..

thank you..thank you..thank you..
i really mean it..

Anggerek said...

i hv no comment about this since i x penah experience lg. but it's good to know your opinion/feel/experience about distant relationship