Saturday, 17 May 2008

ehem ehem

hi there..oh he looks soooo sleepy but im loving this pic!! jgn marah aaa.. :) mm, let me introduce you to this special someone in my life. this is nazman, or i just call him Aman. we've known each other since we were 9 or 10. lala. kidding not that long. but i can say that it has been almost a decade and i would like to say that it's always new. i mean it, just because i believe in what people have been saying, a lifetime is never enough to get to know special someone in our life. well, so many things that we went through, those good and bad, happy and sad. he came to my life at our teens when i refused to believe the existence of true love in someone's personal life, when i hate listening to that so-called beautiful saying of 'i love u' (other people/couples would say), when i wondered how could people easily say the three words, how would that feel? and all i knew, it's GELI GELI GELI and TAK LOGIK..two different people can fall in love, so much to overcome, sangat tipu!!!! but now i know i was so wrong. i'm now falling in love and now i know that every word is not a lie. i eventually feel such a way. some of my uni friends always asked when was the first time i knew that i fall in love. and when i searched for the answer, i found no exact 'when'. i dont know when it started, i dont realize the very first change of what i feel towards this man. i truly dont know! all i know, we keep on bringing each other everywhere life might take us. and the rest, grows by itself. appreciation, respect and love. thank GOD! there were so many good and funny things that we went through and some might make me laugh and laugh if i recalled. thanks to those memories and special thanks to him for a lot of sacrifices he had made. there were also many times that i hurt him i know, but he just stays calm and being so patient, keep learning me, myself and i. he always makes me feel like crying..
yes, it has been many2 years and i keep questioning myself the reason for his loyalty (very2 thankful but oh, i'm soooo human). sometimes i just wonder why he could be so strong waiting and treating me good for all these while. all i know, all i aware, he remains the same; always there and treats me his best. i keep asking myself why he loves me, why he treats me very good, but when i ask myself the same questions (for all the same way i feel for him), i know love has no answer and needs no reason. love needs trust. percaya dan jujur. jujur semasa masih menyayangi, dan jujur juga bila rasa sayang sudah pudar. love is just so beautiful. i'm so thankful for the happiness today and i pray that the love and happiness will lead us to a meaningful life ahead. the rest, i leave the future to GOD for He knows what's best for us.

he's 25 years old today. i'm happy to know him. i'm happy that i love him. yesterday, today, 17may2008 and always.

my dearest,
i think of you and i always do. but once in a while, i feel guilty about not being with you on your birthdays. but again, this is our love story that we have been living. i love you, i think of you, you love me, you think of me. every single day. we have a place in each other's heart. thus, i feel the love everywhere i am and i hope you feel the same way too because the love in me is for you-unconditionally.


Anggerek said...

ani, send my birthday regards to him... enjoy read this post... cool... :). m hepi for both of u

atikah said...

adani.. tak jemu bace blog ni. best!!

miss pumpkin (reen) said...

i lurve this entry. Touching & so sweet.

one sweet gal n one loyal man. A lil prayer for both of u. =)

im so loving it (luv story)...

elynagriffin said...

so so sweeeeettt :)
*lovey dovey mode

i pray for your endless love and happiness

aifaa said...

aw...this is just the sweetest thing. :')

i'm so glad for you.
love should always be that way.
always honest and true. :)

daniadanis said...


Anonymous said...

nak komen too..but i dun knoe wut to say lah. just happy for both of u. my seniors back at school. hehe

seghah said...

bile nak kawin ni...

daniadanis said...