Thursday, 10 April 2008

the song and its memory

:: whenever i listen to those Acha & Irwansyah, each song brings me back to the memory when i was first time in Labuan. remember when we spent our time ferrying from labuan to penumbok, Irwansyah helped us to quickly finish the 2hours journey with his song Pencinta Wanita. the men started talking on wanita which was quite interesting and the rest enjoyed songs.

:: i loved singing My Heart at that period of time. my 3years old niece would shout 'FAREL' out loud when i sang the chorus. well, i'm not certain if she would still do that. quite some time not singing that song together.

:: truly, those 3 remind me a lot of being home at Tmn Hilltop, Labuan. want to know the reason why? tiap2 hari maid kakakku pasang lagu tu sambil wat keje umah. let her be and now it's one of the memories.

:: haha. this is my roomate's song. ana, the first year roomate back in UTM. she used to play this song almost every morning. ala2 baby yang dgr azan bile lahir, and me? dgr Back At One bile bangun tido. terus teringat sampai skarang:)

:: oh jatuh cinta lagi! i made a simple short movie about me and aman (thanks to movie maker), and this is one of the theme song.

PUPUS, etc
:: this is the funniest. this is UTM story. the girls and i overcame stress by making our own video clips and sigh, ntah ape2 btul :)

i have a few more and i'll keep it that way. still a long writing should i continue.

anyway, let me be frank and acknowledge those sweet charming blogging friends who always share.

i recently listened to TEMAN BICARA by Erra Fazira. i knew cik ann was a great fan of her. i guess she still is. cik ann, where do you keep that book of erra fazira?

WHAT A GIRL WANT? tara. synonym for Aifaa. she did choreography and trained the first former girls batch 00. can still remember the very first movement, to do with shoulder:)

SWEAR IT AGAIN. we was in 4 Beta and Lyn sang this song every morning for a few weeks when she was about to step into the class after rollcall/assembly:)
i never wanna say goodbye..
cause i never wanna see you cry..
i swore to you my love would remain..
and i swear it all over again..


mm..jane, i'm just being frank...

well, a song is not just a song. i'm pretty sure most of us have our sweet memory behind any beautiful song we like, and we listen to music for our own reason.


Anggerek said...

hehehe.. sweet memory.
no longer keep all those stuff. dun have much time for that. but i love that song till now...

aifaa said...

aw...ani,this is so sweet :') really miss those times back in highskool.

elynagriffin said...

OMG!did I?that was the 'in thing' song.haha.and yes aifaa's song..i missed those days.menari sambil atas tikar yg dibentang atas rumput.ahaks!

p/s: thanks ani!

daniadanis said...

yup SWEET memory :)

Anonymous said...

i remembered it too! k'aifaa as the, semua activity tu dibuat utk 'sambut' my batch yg baru masuk skolah tu :) i miss the good old days..hehe