Wednesday, 23 April 2008

one moment in time

Mr Postman has just handed me a wedding invitation from Farah Nazreen Zainal Aziz, former schoolmate. this is the second year since i started receiving such invitation and now having a collection of them:) each time i receive a card, it seems like a reminder of how grow up i am (or should be). a friend at my age sees herself eligible to take another big responsibility at another life phase. let me say this in three words; independent, brave, effort. and for that reason, we always congratulate the newly-wed and say a little prayer for their happy journey of married life.

anyway, let's get into this time machine;

ain: going to get married on 31 May 2008
syikin: married on 10 March 2008
reen: ealier than ain; 25 May 2008
liena: married, already a mother
lyn: counting days to her engagement
i'm sure ladies whose blissful event will be in the nearest time are excitedly doing busy with the meticulous preparation. wedding preparation is perhaps a great start of a marriage.


elynagriffin said...

that's so sweet ani.thank u.insyaAllah the right time has come and I'll treasure every bit of the preparation even that sometimes they can be a lil hard :p

p/s: i wonder what happen to the kain rasmi.oh and big table.funny :D

Anggerek said...

sweet memories in faris petra...!
ani, so when is ur turn, m waiting!

aifaa said...

aw.... :')
such a sweet post. almost seems like everybody's rushing to jump on the marriage bandwagon at the same time.i guess it is time already.

miss our old highskool.*sigh*
such a sweet pic.funny, but sweet..

Anonymous said...

k'liena yg mana ek? hurm...congratulations to everybody ;)

daniadanis said...

enjoy ur preps

in memory

yup it's time kan..n keep coming i know.
tula..i went thru the photos and interested in this one..maybe for same reason.

mia razlan
kak liena = sist wong :)


miss pumpkin (reen) said...

ani..happy to hear that u oredi received d card...;)..

btw ani..nice blog ..& very2 impressive..keep blogging k..

that pic (d attached pic)is really meaningful..Missing this bunch of crazy buddies..

hugs n kisses,

seghah said...

Klakar doh tgk gambar2 uoll tue.. ahaksss

daniadanis said...


Azuar Razmi said...

empunya diri bilo lagi..dok kiro hok org jah tu...