Monday, 25 February 2008

within a month

24 hours seems to be so short. morning, afternoon, evening, night and the next day keep coming, makes us closer to the wedding; amea's wedding. the second in my sibling.

we have already collected the invitation cards and it's now ready to be distributed. being a personal assistant, i helped mom with the invitation list and took advantage to list down a few of my friends whose name is always familiar to my mom. and to be true, mom suggested me to do that.

for the big day, everyone in the family has been asked to put on green representing the groom's side. it must be great to see all of us unite in one theme and i can't wait to get mine ready as soon as the tailor can.

deep my heart, it was so touched when i first took a look on the invitation card that i burst into tears. the simple card is very well written as if everyone was there making a real complete family although abah and grandpa were not around anymore. their names are not in the card but that was how i felt.

"rase cam semua ade.." so i told mom before i noticed that clear drops coming out of her eyes too, telling me the same way she felt :)


Anggerek said...


thanks for the invitation. fyi on 28 feb ore balik kg.. hope can see u. but i understand u'll busy with the kenduri preparation.

Anggerek said...

i did forward ur CV to the agency....lupe nak bgtau.. heheh

elynagriffin said...

hey wedding preparations require meticulous care and yes,can be so tiring. i mean from my siblings' experience of course.hehe

p/s: when i was reading the first line, it actually occurred to me that it was ur turn :) hehe

daniadanis said...

haha lyn..not yet la..:)