Sunday, 3 February 2008


cik ann calls me ani. so do my parents. so do aman. so do some of my family mbrs. so do very few other friends.

cik zal calls me ada. she's the only one and i dont know why. hehe. but it's ok.

gie calls me A. i introduced myself as A when i was in Kolej Negeri. haha. just felt very comfortable with that nickname among my colleagues.

farisya calls me adan. this girl is also a single person calling me adan. i appreciate it as well.

and the rest, just call me adani. just? yup, just. when i was young, i mean when i was kid, i did ask my abah to get a new name for me. and i suggested him 'nina'. uweeekkkkkkssssss! (how could i reveal!!) thank GOD that abah has never take it seriously. or else, i guess i'll be regreting that silly idea.

since ever, many people seem to get wrong idea about this 'adani'.

"boleh saya cakap ngan adani?"
"laaa..perempuan..ingatkan lelaki..."

"sape adani...?"
"oo..perempuan ek.."

i always refuse to tell whoever asking, the meaning of 'adani'. i keep it for myself but i guarantee you, it brings a good meaning.

adani: strange but easy.


Anggerek said...

i didnt know u hv this blog... heheh. final decision dah buat.. suprise!!!

daniadanis said...

laaa...just let me know larrr..hehe..

Anggerek said...

heheh.. i decide to accept offer from JPA. u re the second person who knows about my final decision after my family.. :).. please pray for me. This will be a new challenges to me. but still feeling sort of serba salah terpaksa tinggalkan PETRONAS which i think, a good opportunity to be in PETRONAS. well, decision have been made...!i already considered many factors.

daniadanis said...

yeay:) it's ok to be the second. bcos the first is your FAMILY! they deserve.

anyway, PET will always be your greatest memory and most importantly be your best experience. i'm so sure when i say this. so, for whatever you do, for wherever life brings you after this, i know that u hv already prepared yourself for the next challenges, i pray :)

so your next station is putrajaya? happy new home, happy new life, happy new beginning.

Anggerek said...

most probably will be in Putrajaya..!
Not sure yet..!